Twas the day before Christmas and all through the camp–

Kids were getting back to activities after a beautiful Sunday full of rest! Cooking class helped get girls in the spirit with Christmas spaghetti- marinara sauce and a pesto cream sauce. Camper Jess T. even said that she never puts anything on her spaghetti, but she LOVED the two new sauces. In knitting, girls were working on scarfs and headbands for their friends. Fencing girls were en garde working on their bars. Archery and riflery both had campers shooting for their bars before camp comes to an end. Girls in pottery began painting their two-week projects so that they’ll be ready to take home to their parents. Camp craft made good use of the beautiful weather during the day to take a nature hike around camp then test their skills on the low ropes course. Riding also used the beautiful day to go on trail rides around camp.
The lake was bustling full of activity with swimming, competitive swimming, diving, canoeing, kayaking, and emergency water safety. Girls in swimming swam a few laps to warm themselves up before they got to go on the blob. One camper, Raquel F., even commented that “[the blob]’s like a giant marshmallow. And you get to eat if you want!” Not quite true, but we’ll let it slide. Girls in kayaking worked on their rolls and t-rescues in the lake. A kayaking trip was out today and a few girls even got to make a wet exit on the river! Canoeing class was full of screams of joy from campers who swamped their canoes then got to dance on the top of the swamped canoes.
As it’s Christmas Eve, tonight’s evening activity was full of cabin bonding. Each cabin pulled names for secret santa then got to create crafts for their secret santa. Every cabin had a different craft, so the Sunnysiders and Dreams girls watched over the campers while they created their artwork. As the night fell, staff walked around camp singing Christmas songs for the girls before they went to bed. As the campers fell asleep, thoughts of Santa were on their mind for tomorrow morning…
Counselor Marit S.