It was a very merry Christmas indeed today at Camp Merri-Mac! Christmas day started off a little later than normal days, because one of the best parts of Christmas is that we get to sleep in an hour longer than normal! The girls were awoken by Mariah Carey’s voice echoing “All I Want For Christmas” through the mountains as a truck carrying donuts and hot chocolate made its way around camp, stopping first at the Tweedle cabins, then up to Wendy Hill, for a wonderful breakfast served right to our front doors. After breakfast, the girls opened their stockings full of candy that Santa dropped by for them and then headed down to chapel.

In chapel, we sang our praises with Silent Night, Joy to the World, and Deck the Halls. We jumped straight into second period after chapel since that much needed extra hour put us behind some! In riding, the girls got to go on a trail ride and enjoy all the beauty of camp. In camp craft, the girls perfected the “pizzadilla” as they learned to light gas stoves. A pizzadilla is, as Olivia L. explained to me, a pizza quesadilla. I got the opportunity to try it for myself, and I was impressed by the girl’s innovative culinary skills! In pottery, I found most of the girls painting their beautiful pieces with a wide array of colors. But, the Sunnysiders were occupied decorating their new Sunnyside clipboards, which is an important camp tradition where the oldest girls at camp get a clipboard painted with the camp logo, their name, and their tribe symbol and they fill up all the blank space with inside jokes with their cabin. I still have mine from three years ago!

Walking up to the lake, I heard Taylor Swift blaring from the waterfront speakers and voices singing along to every word. Girls in swimming were going down the waterslide, kayaking worked on t-rescues and rolls, and diving worked on bars. Dance was also at the lake today, and the girls got to cool off as they learned some cool dance moves in the water. Girls in gymnastics worked on their bars on the beam, the bars, and the floor. I saw a few girls doing some really cool jumps on the trampoline too! Guitar class caroled with their guitars, singing Jingle Bells to the other activities around them.

After dinner, the girls went up to the Mike to go to Christmas Party and played some games. Then, Robin F. read a Christmas story, and then Santa came out! Santa threw candy and glow sticks and then it turned into a Christmas rave! The girls wopped and wobbled the night away, and then they returned to their cabins to get ready for bed after a wonderful Christmas day!

Happy Holidays!

Counselor Meg M. (Blue Heaven Counselor)