It’s been another beautiful day at Camp Merri-Mac, beginning with the best breakfast around- baked oatmeal. As the campers like Sarah Rusu finished scraping their plates clean, it was off to Chapel for beautiful worship led by some of Merri-Macs own Sunnysiders and guitar students. After a peaceful and surreal chapel, the Merri-Mac madness began with the first round of classes. In tennis, the girls worked on some killer overhead hits followed by practice of the ground strokes. Next off to cooking, I was able to sneak a few blueberry and chocolate chip muffins prepared by our very talented future chefs. Sitting outside the kitchen, taking in the mouthwatering aroma of the muffins, knitting was in full motion as yarn was twisted into scarves, headbands, and bookmarks. Meghan Rigby herself was preparing for her return to New Orleans as she finished up a Mardi Gras color scarf! Meanwhile in pottery, Tweedle Audrey was hard at work painting her handmade clay mug that she can’t wait to fill with water and milk! As paintbrushes were being doused in bright colored paint, climbing students were reaching new heights on the climbing tower! Kate Smith’s loud cry of “I’m a mountain woman!” as she reached for the top rock was one of the many who mastered the wall today, as Britta Broyles and our other camp climbing experts excelled in their belaying skills! As I continue my walk around campus, I get hit by another delicious smell to find camp craft is learning the art of camping stoves- and of course testing out this new skill by making pizza quesadillas.

After refueling on a delicious lunch of Stromboli, fruit and of course, the oh so important trading post stampede, team sports began in full swing. Miller killed it in volleyball as she earned her Silver bar, while our lacrosse jocks worked on their quick reflexes and coordination playing the “stick game.” As I made my way up the hill to Lake Dorris, laughter and screams echo through the air before I can even see the water, as the lake was filled with our divers, swimmers, canoers, kayakers, and some special guests- the gymnastics class! The excitement of Dorris continued to build as Lily soared through the air at the end of the blob! After all the fun at the lake, I made my way up the hill to a change in scenery- our very own fitness class practicing yoga on the hill overlooking the mountains outside Milky Way cabin. However, make your way further up the road and the laughter was spilling out of the drama room as camper Gabby Fiveash practiced her future on Broadway playing “Past Present Future.”  With further stops along the path, such as watching Sydney Hunter hit the target in Riflery and Anna Myers on a trail ride with her barn friends, the day is STILL not over. Princess Party is tonight and the excitement is in the air- what does our wonderful Princess of Merri-Mac have in store for camp tonight? We will just have to wait and see!

Lindsey K.