It’s a beautiful day at camp! We started the day by learning about the change that Christ provides in our heart during chapel with Adam. While we were singing worship songs, Caroline S., a Dreams End camper, played her guitar in order to earn her gold for guitar class. After a morning of praise, we began out first period classes. Archery was working on bars and perfecting shooting, Tennis practiced serving while playing fun games, Kayaking played water polo, and Cooking baked chocolate chip doughnuts. Emma J., a Dreams Begin camper, knitted a baby blanket and Taylor T., a Sunspot camper, knitted a scarf during their morning knitting class. As the day went on, Climbing worked on the traverse wall, Swimming had a fun time on the blob, and Lacrosse had an intense scrimmage. Throughout the dining hall girls were raving about the grilled cheese and french fries we had for lunch! The day went so well and the girls are preparing for the America Color Wars tonight! Campers vs. Counselors! Who will win?

Margaret S.