It has been another busy day at Merrimac! The day started off strong with the girls singing fun-loving Chapel songs and praying over the camp. The weather for the morning activities was beautiful. With the sun shining down, Lake Doris was very active. Girls in swim class enjoyed themselves with free swim, including the water slide and the blob. Stewart Ann M. was one of the girls that was blobbed and she said “It was so much fun! I have never gone up so high before!” In kayaking class, girls practiced rolling and T- rescues. In canoeing class, girls practiced swamping and unswamping. In the team sports section, the lacrosse class went around camp passing and cradling. They also scrimmaged. In tennis, the girls played games that improved their tennis skills like “Queen of the Court” and “Jail”. In archery, the campers practiced their perception by shooting at targets. We also saw girls in horseback riding; they were trail riding around camp. By the Big House, the activities near by like cooking, the girls were making Chicken Parmesan. Right outside the kitchen, the girls were enjoying each other’s company and making headbands. In the Enchanted Barn, for pottery class, the campers were hard at work glazing pots and bowls that they have created in the last 2 weeks. In Camp Craft, the girls enjoyed a relaxing day with a campfire and smores. During lunch, the campers were excited to see their favorites on the menu: Stromboli and smore pockets!

In the afternoon, Merrimac was given rain but that didn’t stop the activities! In guitar class, the girls were working on songs like “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver and “Head Full of Doubt” by the Avett Brothers. More specifically, counselor Lucy D. taught Mairn M. the popular song “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson. In climbing class, the girls practiced their knots and climbed the walls in the Mike. In gymnastics, Reagan B. led the class in stretches and the girls were allowed to practice their favorite events. In drama class, the girls did vocal exercises, worked on monologues, and played an improv game called “Park Bench”. In chorus class, the girls played a game where they have to name that song and sing the next few lines. Lastly, but not the least, in fitness class, the girls played Twister with paint. It was messy and colorful, but the girls had a blast!

For our evening activity, we will have Lakeside. This is where all Merrimac campers will sit around Lake Doris, sing camp songs, and celebrate the traditions here at Merrimac. The chiefs of each tribe will have the pleasure of lighting a fire at the fire dock. Everyone else will be given a candle to put in Doris. It is a beautiful and momentous event.