As reveille rang this morning, the girls woke up to a beautiful sunny day at Camp Merri- Mac. The long awaited sunshine was finally here. After cabin clean up the girls headed down the hill to a breakfast of biscuits. Yum! After singing morning songs the girls headed up to the chapel where they heard a message about placing their trust in God delivered by Madi C., a stardust counselor. With the sun shinning the last day of Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday classes started. The lake was hopping. With music playing the diving class had an America themed cannonball competition, the swimming classes spent the day going down the water slide and the kayaking classes worked on perfecting their rolls and t-rescues. On the opposite ends of camp, rifelry and archery classes were taking advantage of their last chances to shoot for the session. With the end of the first two activities the girls were ready to chow down on a delicious meal of chicken patties with a side of mac and cheese. After lunch the girls rushed out to the clothing room to buy vintage tribe shirts. With new t-shirts in arms, the girls returned up the hill for a well-deserved rest hour. After a tasty treat from trading post the girls were ready to continue on with their days and head to their afternoon classes. Today in fitness the girls played paint twister, in which the campers had to place their hands and feet into plates full of paint as the colors were called out to them. Both cooking class and camp craft spent the day hard at work making food. Cooking classes made pasta and chicken nuggets coated in cheese and marinara sauce, while in camp craft, they cooked pizzas and s’mores over a campfire. Guitar classes spent the day perched at the top of senior hill, learning Taylor Swift songs. The girls returned again to the dinning hall after a bit of free time for tacos and sugar cookies. After cabin songs they ran up to the teepee for white feather ceremonies and evening activity. Tonight’s evening activity was final campfire. Final campfire is lead by a handful of counselors who review with the girls the highlights of the session including “remember whens”, and “shaboga”. “Remember whens” are when all the campers go up by cabin and say to the rest of camp their most memorial moment of the summer. “Shaboga” is done by sunnysiders only (the girls in the oldest cabin) and is a song they sing of their nicknames and memories of the session. Finally the Sunnyside girls handed out their suns, which are construction paper cut outs of suns, with thank you notes written in them addressed to other campers and counselors. With tears and hugs the girls returned to their cabins for nightly devotions and cabin bonding. It was another great day at Camp Merri-Mac.

Abby M.

Moonmist Counselor