The sun here, reporting from Camp Merri-Mac nestled within the Blue Ridge Mountains. I am so happy to be out and shining upon the beautiful girls of Merri-Mac. I rose this morning, gently awakened each body, and slowly warmed the rejuvenated earth as the girls cleaned their cabins in the hopes of winning a cabin cake at the end of the week. I streamed through the windows in the Tucker Inn onto plates full of potatoes, biscuits, scrambled eggs, and sausage links.

I was inhibited by foliage at the chapel, but I could still hear Sunnyside counselor Natalie Brouwer’s message about how Jesus on the cross paid the exact amount of the debt we owed. She read from Romans 6:23 and Romans 8:38-39.
Eva B., Clarissa S., and Olivia N. played on the volleyball courts and made a mud castle. A few of my rays reached some intense tetherball competitions throughout the day.
My beams illuminated the Traverse Wall, which Mary Lou C. climbed like a pro (campers climb this wall from left to right and with the aid of spotters instead of down to up and with ropes). Katie K. started learning the knots needed to earn her Bronze bar, including the Double Fishermen knot.
In Pottery, younger campers made slab-built mugs, on which they can imprint different textures. Others learned how to throw the clay ~ Georgia S. began work on a mug.
Adrianna B. and Lucie C. battled it out in Fencing today.
My rays extend beyond Camp Merri-Mac and touched upon many campers on trips today! Addison B., Jane B., Julia B., Jarrett B., Catherine D., Jamerson D., Maddie G., Maggie G., Mae H., Grace K., McKinley L., Anna M., Mimi M., Alice M., Sophie M., Bridget N., Gretchen N., Deborah Z., and Maggie D. went white water rafting today! Annabel M., Elizabeth W., Allie Y., Caroline M., and Celia S. tried their kayaking and canoeing skills out on the river. Anna U., Addie O., Marit S., Mary Katherine F., Katherine M., Nora C., and Becca M. went on a climbing trip. Lastly, Savvy S., Elizabeth W., Elizabeth C., Abby B., Shay A., Mary D. Elizabeth H., Caroline S., Julia B., and Anna W. went on a hike.
Suddenly this afternoon, a huge cloud covered me up, and with a crack and a boom, a huge thunderstorm was upon camp. Many classes, especially those on the waterfront, turned to dry land activities. Swimming joined up with Gymnastics to do some stretches and workouts in the Mike, and Kayaking watched some kayaking videos to see rolls in action on different rivers. The clouds didn’t stop Savvy Strickland, however, from working on her passing and setting in Volleyball.
I peeked through the thunderclouds enough to illuminate the chapel, where Chorus was working on their ranges, and Little Dipper porch, where Carley M. was learning how to play Titanium on the guitar!
I will be out for a few more hours to catch a glimpse of tonight’s evening activities, which include hot chocolate in the Tucker Inn for the Tweedle cabins and some passionate BattleBall (dodgeball) tournaments. Then I must go to bed, and so must your beautiful girls.
The sun thanks you for sending your girls to Camp Merri-Mac, for without them, on what beauty would I shine? They truly are beautiful, inside and out.
See you in the morning,
The Sun
{aka Maddy M. Comet Counselor, Guitar Instructor, and Spirited Seminole}