The ring of reveille echoed throughout camp as we all woke up bright and early to the fog-covered mountains and a light drizzle of rain. The rustle of feet on cabin floors spread as we began our morning chores and headed down the hill at the breakfast bell. After breakfast, beautiful melodies rose as we sang chapel songs, and the lyrics of “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” filled every pair of ears. As we began our activities for the day, the sound of sizzling pepperonis came from backpacking class as counselor Genny P. taught campers how to use a camping stove and make “pepper-dillas”—tortillas with cheese and pepperonis inside. The bounce of tennis balls against rackets sounded through the tennis courts as girls practiced their serves. Campers Janie C. and Kate B. memorized the parts of the rackets and court for part of their bronze bar, and Kristie G. achieved her silver bar. Music from guitar class spread across senior hill, with Allie W. receiving her bronze bar and Elizabeth P. working hard on three songs for her silver. From gymnastics class came the creak of trampoline springs, as girls practiced their basic jumps and tumbles. Gunshots rang out from the riflery range, and the thud of arrow meeting target echoed through the archery range. As we ate lunch and then headed to rest hour, silence won out for a few short minutes before the sound of stampeding feet filled Senior Hill as campers ran down to the Trading Post for snacks and candy.  As the afternoon progressed, we heard the crunch of hooves on gravel as girls in horseback riding class rode laps around camp. The sound of splashing water filled Lake Doris as campers canoed, kayaked, and swam laps. Laughter filled the drama room as girls told funny stories and acted them out simultaneously. Cheers filled the Mike as campers in climbing set up a relay race that included putting on equipment, tying knots, and conquering the traverse wall with their eyes closed. In particular, campers Everly H. and Brigitte N. finished off the race in one class to the ring of encouragement from their teammates. Then, girls headed to dinner and prepared for our next tribal evening activity, Gold Rush, during which the enthusiastic clamor of tribal chants rose to the skies. Then, camp began winding down for the end of the night, taps rang out over the hills, and silence settled in as girls drifted off to sleep. Sweet dreams, Merri-Mac!

Rachel B., Moonmist Counselor, Pottery Instructor, and Proud Iroquois