Today, our ladies woke up to a beautiful day here in the Blue Ride Mountains! We cleaned up our cabins, my cabin, Blue Heaven got a 9.9 out of 10 today, and then we headed down to a yummy breakfast of sausage, eggs, biscuits, and hash browns! This morning, Sunnyside deemed the day Disney day and the girls sang various songs from different Disney movies like Under the Sea and Part of Your World to start of their day. Can you imagine a better way?

After singing their hearts out, the ladies then headed up to chapel to raise their voices to the Lord and sing of His glory. The ladies then scampered off to get ready for their first period classes. In cooking, the girls made blueberry chocolate-chip muffins and pumpkin donuts! I may or may not have stolen one or four…they were delicious! Camp Craft made food today as well as the girls learned how to light and properly as well as safely use a gas stove! They made their own versions of s’more pockets! Guitar started off the day serenading everyone within earshot of Windy Hill, but as the day progressed they wandered around to serenade the activities that were down the hill from them. In kayaking, the girls learned how to wet exit as well as how to do a hip-snap, both things are very important in addition to a lot of fun! The girls headed down to lunch around 1 P.M., where we had Stromboli, a camp favorite. The girls were sticking their faces in the kitchen to get a whiff before the meal bell had even rung! After we all ate insane amounts of Stromboli, we headed up to rest hour, which is when counselors rest and campers anxiously await the bugle so they can stampede down to the trading post for their mid-day candy break.

During free time, the girls were participating in a basketball tournament on the courts as well as a singing competition. We have some remarkable talent here at Merri-Mac! Third and fourth period flew by with lots of smiles and laughter. The girls headed down to a dinner of chicken alfredo, and now they are all out having fun with their cabins for cabin night. Blue Heaven is doing a free swim, and then we’re raiding the trading post for a little evening snack! It’s going to be awesome, mostly because my campers are stealth masters. I hope these girls brought their black clothes and sneakiness with them, because they’re gonna need it!

Counselor Meg. Blue Heaven counselor and Seminole for life