Today has been a day full of tournaments, sunshine, singing, success, and growth. From the moment the sun began its ascent over Camp Merri-Mac, it became clear what a fantastic day this would be. Today is also Madeline C’s birthday! A hearty breakfast of French toast and bacon filled our bodies up in preparation for activities, and Sunspot counselor Lucy D’s chapel message reminded us how we are God’s children and can depend on Him in any situation.

Many girls had the opportunity to embark on various trips today! Robyn N, Elena S, Katie G, and Elizabeth C went kayaking. Anne Carter C, Caroline H, Claire H, Kathryn H, Libby M, Libba M, Lattie M, Emma O, Riley P, Lizzie R, Emma S, Sophie T, Kate W, Eleanor P, Sandra T, Molly K, Katherine M, Mary Madelyn B, Isabella C, and Catherine Y went rafting! I’ve heard very positive experiences from both trips!

A tour around camp today experienced many sights, sounds, and smells! In Cooking, there wafted a delicious scent of the quiche that the girls were making. Just outside on the Patti-O, Knitting classes knit and talked by the fire blazing. Ashlynn T is working on a headband! In Pottery, girls were coating their cups and bowls with wax-resistant coatings. They also got the opportunity to glaze their work before it went into the kiln. Sofia S describes pottery as “really relaxing.” Lucy W says it “expresses our creativity.” What a great addition to camp!

Over in Camp Craft, many girls got to do the high ropes course! This includes a little bit of climbing and rappelling! Aubrey A and Janie C had a great time completing that feat. Girls got to scrimmage in Lacrosse and really learn how to play the game. Wheaton S and Kathleen O received their silver bars in Lacrosse today!

Sounds of glee streamed from the Mike as girls in Gymnastics bounced on the trampoline and worked on the vault in pursuit of their bars. Christina R says, “I love the coaches. They are so helpful, and it’s fun to be taught by them!”

A lunch of sub sandwiches and pasta salad was well-received by all. Everyone was hungry by the time lunch came around! The tribal songs traditionally sung after lunch were switched up a bit as today was “Tribal Song Switch Day!” This means that the Choctaw tribe can sing songs of the Seminole tribe, and so on! It’s a great opportunity for campers to sing great songs from other tribes and have fun with the friendly tribal competition here at camp. This competition will get a little fiercer tomorrow as we prepare for Tribe Fest ~ a day dedicated to tribal competition. Today each tribe had swim tryouts for Swim Fest tomorrow morning!

Free time after a much-needed rest period featured several tournaments! Campers can organize tournaments for activities from fencing to tetherball in order to receive an elective a mark towards White Feather promotions. Abigail J organized a tennis tournament, which fellow Sunnyside camper Hailey H won! Elizabeth P and Sofia S ran a singing competition, which Stardust camper Isabella A won! Lastly, Heather C and Hailey F led a climbing competition at the Traverse Wall! A big congrats to these girls for leading in their activities and pursuing White Feather promotions!

Activities on Lake Doris were especially refreshing this afternoon. Kayaking classes played paddle ball; Diving worked on bar requirements, especially on their tuck dives; Canoeing learned how to un-swamp canoes; and Emergency Water Safety completed a 20-minute survival float!

After a delicious dinner of cornbread, fried okra, and jambalaya, the whole camp headed to the teepee for a White Feather ceremony. Here is a list of girls who received promotions this evening. A camper can earn a promotion by receiving a specific number of marks from counselor or camper commendations, earning bars, coming back to camp multiple years, and completing electives. Congratulations to these girls in investing in camp and working hard in many aspects of camp!



Madeline C

Brooke E

Virginia M

Rachel N

Martha O

Breland B

Abigail S

Ashley W

Lydia G

Lilly H

Riley M

Ashley P



Eliza Dunn T

Fernanda I

Katherine C

Suzanne W

Aimee U

Addison K

Liza F

Evy V



Lydia W

Ginny H

Ansleigh S



Sofie H

Drake M

Emma O

Marianna S

Sophie T

Kathryn Y

Anne Carter C

Hailey F

Patterson G

Libba M

Elizabeth O

Alex P

Carolyn C

Amelia L

Sabrina O

Copeland R

Lizzie R

Claire H

Bryce M

Allison S


Crazy Creek:

Sarah Katherine E


Long Bow:

Alice M


Running Deer:

Renata Z

Ingerid E

Mary Ellen H

MacRae K

Maddie L

Beatrix E

Caroline C

Hannah M

Julia V

Kinnon W

Caroline K

Wheaton S

Oriana T

Lindsay A

Logan F

Anne Sutton W


Red Tail:

Kaitlin P

Aynsley R

Mattie Y

Sofia S

Robyn N

Caroline D


Junior Feather:

Isabel R

Elena S


Lastly, three Sunnyside campers received the highest honor of White Feather this evening. A huge round of applause and hugs to Hamilton I, Sarah L, and Anabel M.

Now, the evening activity of Counselor Hunt (a huge hit among counselors and campers alike) is winding down, and soon your precious girls will hit the sack. Thank you for sharing them with us. Their bright smiles, exuberant laughter, and determined spirits keep me energized and remind me daily how blessed I am to have this job and meet these girls.

Have a wonderful evening,


Maddy M.

Comet Counselor

Guitar Instructor

Spirited Seminole