As soon as the bugle rang this morning, the tribal spirit could be felt throughout Camp Merri-Mac! Today was no ordinary day of camp- today, was Tribe Fest. With tribal wear and face paint galore, the girls fueled up for the day on a hearty breakfast of eggs and a melody of High School music songs to get us pumped for the day. After devouring breakfast the girls hurried up to Chapel where numerous of our very own Sunnysiders led worship including Chloe and Reneta! Following a beautiful chapel, the tribes assembled for the beginning of the friendly yet fierce events ahead, starting with the Swim fest! The girls aligned Lake Doris and the cheers began, echoing around camp as they cheered on the chosen swimmers from their tribe. While it was a close competition, each tribe took at least one event win, ranging from freestyle to butterfly to relay races- we are anxiously awaiting till tomorrow for the final tally! After a morning of swimming and cheers, the girls of Merri-Mac devoured a camp favorite meal of tacos in a bag and smore pockets- devoured is an understatement to say the least! However with this new charge of energy, the campers were ready for the fierce game of Sock War as the second tribal activity of the day! As the siren sounded, the girls charged from both ends of camp- socks quickly flying, ready to protect their flag. Tweedles, Clarissa and Everly, did not succumb to the challenge as they took down tribe members left and right! After a close battle between all the tribes, only one event remains of the Tribe Fest activities- Battle ball. Who will win the overall Tribe Fest? Only time will tell!