This blog is dedicated to all of the hardworking, faithful Tweedle counselors and their sweet, little campers who are the source of joy and laughter at Merri-Mac. Our Tweedle counselors are not given enough credit for their hard work nor are our Tweedle campers given enough recognition for how awesome they are to serve!

From cabin cleanup to crawdad hunting, life in the Tweedles is nothing short of an adventure! Many hours are spent in Tweedle Creek building dams and catching creatures. This year the girls became experts at building fairy houses, as well as fairy canoes! Girls this age (6 to 9) are able to implement their creativity while collaborating with the imaginations of their friends. Creativity empowers them to find their own identities in the Tweedles. The girls never run out of energy! Older campers and counselors are constantly amazed at the energy these delightful campers bring! These girls are also fearless. Trying new activities and making new friends comes naturally to them. In the dining hall the Tweedles can be seen racing back and forth from their table to the salad bar while concocting what has become known as the “Tweedle Salad.” This salad involves a variation of raisins, cheddar cheese, carrots, croutons, and lots of ranch! We are immensely thankful for every hilarious moment these sweet girls bring to us!

The counselors run the show in the Tweedles. We absolutely could not run a successful camp without them. Counselors wake up at 7am with the girls and from that moment on, they are with their girls. Cabin cleanup, showering 30 girls in 30 minutes, and singing nighttime lullabies are just a few of the areas where Tweedle counselors excel. These young women are superheroes!  They never settle for doing an average job. Tweedle counselors go above and beyond to create a community in the Tweedles. A community where there is freedom in failure. The counselors teach these girls that if they initially are not successful in something, they can absolutely try again. If I have not been clear thus far, these counselors are our most skilled servants. They would do anything for their Tweedles, and we cannot thank them enough for the fantastic job they did this summer!