Believe it or not, yes!  In my humble opinion, this thing is better than the traditional footlocker (aka: trunk).  There are few good reasons why and here they are:

  • Trunks are made of relatively flimsy wood and campers do not realize this.  Trunks are used as seats, stools, etc. and they aren’t prepared for the workload and will break pretty easily.  I have seen a few trunks suffer the fate of the final”duct tape wrap” (I can only imagine that camp moms love this). It is indeed the last option for the poor old camp trunk and undoubtedly would be the end of it’s life once the contents are removed.  By comparison, you can’t kill a canvas duffle.  They are almost indestructible.
  • Trunks are heavy and awkward to carry.  You probably have already experienced this.  In the day and age of roller bags, the trunk is its opposite (not advocating anyone to bring a roller bag to camp).  There is no better way to throw your back out than to lift a footlocker incorrectly (lift with your legs…or just buy the duffle!)  The canvas duffle is super light and has really nice (or at least adequate) backpack straps.
  • Trunks take up a lot of space.  Living in a camp community is life changing and wonderful.  But it is nice to be able to stretch out a little.  Trunks limit a camper’s ability to stretch out because they are large.  The canvas duffle will fold up and go in your camp cubby until it is needed for action!  Stretch out…it won’t be in anyone’s way!
  • Cost.  Trunks are expensive and canvas duffles are super cheap.  I bought my son’s for $13 last year.  Here is a link to purchase one for yourself!

These are my 2 cents!  Happy camping,

Dan Singletary