Happy Tuesday!! We have had an amazing Tuesday here at Merri Mac. The girls woke up for what they thought was a normal Tuesday, but were pleasantly surprised at breakfast when it was announced that today was Tribe Fest!! Today our girls have been running around playing tribe games all day long. We started the day off with tribal trash. In this game, girls walk all over camp picking up trash that has been left behind. The goal is to fill your tribe’s trash bag as quickly as possible. The tribe with the most trash wins!!
Afterwards our girls played The Amazing Race. The girls had to run from base to base completing tasks at each stop along the way. They drew pictures of camp, showed off their water skills, played some volleyball, shot some targets at archery, and did a hula-hoop relay before they sprinted off to the slip-and-slide. Here each tribe’s chief was waiting to receive their tribe’s jersey before cruising down the slide towards victory.
After lunch we practiced our closing day ceremony and then the girls headed off to practice their newly written songs for Song Fest. This evening the girls will get the chance to perform their newly written tribe songs for a panel of judges and a chance to make it in the song book. The girls have been working hard making their new songs and it paid off. They all did an amazing job.
This evening our last tribal game will be Battle Ball. Battle Ball is a classic game of dodgeball except for the fact that the boundaries keep moving. As the game progresses, the court gets smaller and smaller. The girls all enjoy this game and compete against the girls in their cabin area and cheering on their tribes while waiting to play.
After a long day of games and fun, the girls are all ready for a good night’s sleep. We have had an awesome day here at Merri Mac and cannot wait for more adventures tomorrow.