Other tribes, other tribes, who are they?


Today was a very special day at Merri-Mac! TRIBEFEST, an epic, Olympic-style face off between the Seminole, Iroquois and Choctaw. The morning began with songs bursting out of Tucker Inn as usual, followed by a wonderful service in the chapel by the lake. Shortly after that, everyone scurried up the hill to their tribe meetings. The songs of the Seminole echoed across the tennis courts, the Choctaw cheers made the lodge tremble, and the Iroquois filled the valley with their ferocious chants. Finally the day kicked off with Swimfest. Each tribe picked their fastest swimmer to swim for the gold! Mary Raines A. and Merril S. swam particularly strong for their tribes! Following the butterfly, breast and freestyle, the tribal leaders swam a whacky relay in which they ate pie and donuts. Swimfest transitioned directly into tribal trash pick-up, where each tribe raced to pick up the most trash. At lunch, all the girls fueled up on greek pitas and discovered that Choctaw brought home spirit points from swimfest, and the Seminoles rang in first place. All the girls eagerly welcomed an hour-long rest hour. After some much needed rest, the bugle rang out across camp, and everyone thundered down the hill to get some sugar. The sugar buzz from trading post was just enough to get every tribeswoman pumped up for sock war. The Choctaw, Iroquois and Seminole raced back and forth across lines, tossed socks and cheered cheers to bring home the flag to their tribe.

Tonight, our girls will battle it out on the courts in battle ball in a final attempt to bring glory to their tribes! Today was a fun packed day, filled with tons of tribe spirit and sisterhood. Each Iroquois, Choctaw and Seminole can’t wait to see what wonders tomorrow holds!


Davie B.

Proud SeminoleDSCN8517