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(Article from yesterday, June 11)

Yet another day at camp is marked by clear blue skies and the glorious Blue Ridge Mountains on the horizon. The bright-and-early bugle sounded at 7am and, after morning chores were completed to perfection, the girls of Merri-Mac flooded Tucker Inn for a breakfast of sausage, egg and cheese casserole. After breakfast, three trips departed: rafting (Sarah Grace A., Sophia C., Madeline D., Eleanor E. Isabel E., Elke G., Morgan B., Grace K., Holland M., Ashlan K., Maggie O., Allyson P., Reese R., Anna French S., Nicole S., Hannah W., Mairin M.), canoing (Maggie B., Christina C., Leah F., Catherine M., Nicole Y.), and water skiing (Madeline M., Sarah R., Lucie K., Lily B., Brooke J., Caroline R.).

A lot happened out on the water today, but even more happened here at camp! Girls trained the Merri-Mac puppies to have manners, encouraged one another at the ropes course, and painted pottery in the Enchanted Barn. Archery is one of the hardest activities to earn bars in at camp, as the bronze bar requires a camper to make approximately 200-250 good shots, which sometimes takes girls three to four summers to do successfully. But, there’s nothing like a Merri-Mac girl, and, with skills comparable to Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen, three girls earned their bronze bar in archery today (Martha Elizabeth W., Sherrill B., Caroline K.)!

By lunchtime, everyone had worked so hard in their morning activities that we all needed a classic meal to hit the spot. The kitchen staff, like always, made the perfect choice: grilled cheese and tomato soup. After every camper ate to her heart’s desire, Merri-Mac decided to switch it up.

Lunchtime cheers are always tribal but, today, tribe cheers switched! Each tribe adopted and re-worked cheers of one of the other two tribes. The winner of Counselor Hunt was also announced: Iroquois won, and Choctaw won in spirit points! Each camper poured out every ounce of her spirited energy and, by 2pm, everyone was ready to take a nap during rest time before swarming to the trading post for a sugary snack.

One of the most low key afternoon activities is Guitar with counselor Maddy M., which meets on the front porch of the Little Dipper cabin. The guitar students sit surrounded by beautiful flowers in the mountainous fresh air, strumming away. Today, two campers earned their bronze bar in guitar: Katie M. and Hannah K.

After a delicious dinner of grilled chicken, potatoes, and cauliflower, which reminded me of a dinner that my dad cooks, we sang cabin songs—with a twist. Usually, after dinner, every cabin stands up on their benches to chant their cabin tune. Each summer, the cabin can incorporate an “add-on” at the end of their song to personalize it, usually to the tune of a popular song (such as Do You Want to Build a Snowman? from the film Frozen). But, today’s singing featured “We Were” cabin songs. Every camper and counselor got the chance to take a trip down memory lane by singing the songs of every cabin they ever got to live in, including the add-on’s! It was so heartwarming to see how long some of these girls have been coming to Merri-Mac, and the eternal bonds formed at this magical place… and it was hilarious to watch the counselors struggle to remember some of the lines of the add-ons they came up with years ago.

Finally, it was time for one of Merri-Mac’s favorite evening activities: Inferno! Here’s how the game works:  Choctaw, Iroquois, and Seminole each have their own campfire. The goal is to keep your fire going and trek across camp to put out the others’. Guarding each campfire are “stingers,” who are wielding weapons of flour-filled socks. By accomplishing various feats, a camper can earn wood to put on their own fire. Tribes can earn spirit points, as well. Counselors participate, too, by giving out water, putting water on other tribes’ fires, and keeping their own fire going by blowing on it. Winning this game is only possible through strong teamwork, especially between older and younger campers.


But who won? You’ll have to stay tuned tomorrow to find out!


Your daughters are some of the most incredible people I have ever met, and I know you must miss them a lot, but we are so blessed to have them here! Every day, they are teaching me more and more about the simple, beautiful, unconditional love of Christ. They have such great compassion for one another and an unquenchable passion for life. You should be so proud of all they are accomplishing here, whether through achieving bars, going on trips, or simply loving and caring deeply for one another.


God bless,


Counselor Maddy M.