This beautiful morning at Merri Mac started with a delicious breakfast of pancakes and bacon. As usual, the Sunnysiders led morning songs, including a favorite “I Love Little Willy.” This hardy breakfast was needed for the busy day ahead for the campers. From breakfast the girls traveled up to the chapel where counselors Maddy and Kendall led the girls in worship. The chapel talk was, led by Blue Heaven counselor Molly M, on what God requires us to trust him in even the hardest situations. Tribal meetings, princess party preparation, a water skiing trip, and daily activities followed chapel.


The Merri Mac girls were fully occupied during daily activities. On Lake Doris: the girls in swimming were given a chance to paddle board, in diving they worked on their bars, and kayaking worked on their rolls. Caroline M. got her kayaking roll for the first time in only two class periods. Even gymnastics was on the dock today playing on the slide. The guitar class walked all over the campgrounds serenading different classes with their newest song “Pompeii”. “Today I finished learning my first song, Hey There Delilah, it was really exciting,” said Sarah Grace A. In fitness the girls jumped rope, in Paws girls walked the dogs, in Ceramics the girls painted their pots, and in DIY crafts the girls finished painting their canvases.


After first period, some girls left for a water skiing trip. One of the girls, Sophia C., got up for over a minute her first time, and for five minutes her second time. Ryan S. also did a great job on her second water skiing trip of the session that left around lunchtime.


After first and second period the girls crowded the front porch of the Tucker Inn for one of Merri Mac’s most popular lunches, pizza, Caesar salad, and s’more pockets. The Dreams girls announced they had had seventy pieces of pizza between ends and begin. After lunch the girls sang tribal songs, and then the announcements song. During announcements it was announced that Iroquois won the evening activity, Inferno, the night before.


After lunch it was time for rest half hour, then the girls beloved free time including trading post. As soon as the sound ended rest hour the girls roared down the hill to get their daily sugar intake, play tetherball, and chat with their friends. After free time the girls went on to their third and fourth periods. It was a little rainy this afternoon causing some of the activities to be moved indoors. However, the girls made the best of it and played games indoors and under the pavilions.


After the activities the girls went up the hill to get dressed up for princess party. All the girls crowded on the back porch to take pictures before dinner. Dinner consisted of delicious chicken alfredo, broccoli, and cheddar garlic biscuits. After dinner the cabins sang their cabin songs. A few cabins added to their cabin songs including inside jokes to catchy tunes.


After dinner all the girls ran up the hill to the Mike to the much-anticipated Princess Party celebrating Anna Moon. The CITs, cabin princesses, and many more worked all day decking the Mike out in Monsters Inc. decorations. All of Merri Mac crowded in to watch the hilarious performance, and after everyone was given a chance to greet Princess Anna. Cake and pictures followed the party. The princess party was a perfect way to end one of the last nights at camp, giving all the girls a sweet memory.



Emily Jameson


Blue Heaven Counselor