DSCN9830On this beautiful Sunday at Camp Merri-Mac, the campers began their day with the privilege of sleeping in till 8:00 am – a whole extra hour! As the girls made their beds, put on their white clothing, and cleaned up their cabins, everyone was excited to see what breakfast would be. The campers were ecstatic when they smelled the cinnamon rolls as they walked down the hill; this was Merri-Mac’s FIRST time ever serving the delectable breakfast. After breakfast, the girls walked up the hill to chapel as several senior hill campers came back from an eventful backpacking trip. Everyone was in for a special treat today! Counselors Maddy and Kendell led the harmonious hymns as everyone worshipped the Lord. When the hymns were over, Moonmist cabin proceeded to tell the story of the good Samaritan. Through the skit, the girls learned to be kind and helpful to others just like Jesus: the ultimate good Samaritan.

After chapel, the girls had the opportunity to participate in an archery tournament or play in God’s creation around camp with their new best friends. The archery tournament, hosted by campers Marley T. and Betsy B. allowed 16 campers to compete in a three-round competition. The last round challenged the archers to pop a balloon in the shortest time possible. Sophie S. won the tournament by popping her balloon in only 19 seconds. She was awarded two treats of her choice from the Trading Post, offered by the generous hosts.

At lunch fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, and rolls reenergized the girls after a long morning of play. When the girls got to their cabins, they looked under their pillows to discover if they were the cabin princess. Each cabin princess received a special note and a bracelet from the Princess of Merri-Mac, CIT Anna, under their pillow. The lucky girls galloped down the hill to join the other cabin princesses and the Princess of Merri-Mac in the Mike. The amazing Princess shared the big secret – this year’s Princess Party theme. Each girl promised to not reveal it to anyone, even their BEST friend. As the bugle sounded for the end of rest hour, the loud charge of girls running to trading post was not as loud as usual, as many chose to stay in the cabin and rest a bit longer.

Free swim was a hit! Almost every junior or intermediate camper participated. The screams and giggles of the girls on the water front echoed throughout camp as they jumped on the blob and slid on the slide. Many activities were opened so girls could work on their bars, excel in their activities, and earn marks for White Feather. These activities included backpacking, basketball, pottery, soccer and climbing. The opportunities were endless! Sunnyside enjoyed a fierce game of paintball, while Stardust swam at the Boyd’s house. On the hill, Milky Way was spotted playing mafia in the cabin and Big Dipper girls were swaying in their hammocks. The Tweedles challenged the older girls to a game of tetherball and built dams in the creek.

Campers eagerly gathered around the pavilion awaiting the start of dinner. The food served at this special cookout included hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon, chips, potato salad, and cookies, washed down with lemonade to drink. Camp was filled with happy campers and counselors munching on their delicious food. Everyone was so excited for Vespers – the evening activity in which our very own Black Mountain Oysters play fun songs, counselors act out hilarious skits, and campers listen to a Bible message from Anne Boyd. After much singing, laughing, and listening, the campers headed off to their cabins to do different activities that their wonderful counselors planned. The CITs went to the cabins to get to know your great girls and help them get ready for bed.

After such a fun-filled day of rest, your campers will sleep so well, so tomorrow they can enjoy their activities with a ton of energy!

Happy Sunday to all!
Merri-Mac CITs

Anna Blair P., Audrey E., Elizabeth C., Anna P.