What a busy first full day it was at Camp Merri-Mac today! All of the girls were just so excited to delve into their first activities—some for the very first times in their lives! Initiation last night was full of paint, cheers, songs, and dance as your girls either welcomed new Merri-Mac girls into their tribe family or were the ones being welcomed! The newly initiated slept in their face paint for the night, as tradition denotes, and then were able to wash it off after chapel this morning!

After a delicious breakfast of sausage, scrambled eggs, and potatoes, some of our classic “morning songs” rang out over camp. We definitely are a camp of singing! Chapel included some more songs, such as “Pharaoh, Pharaoh,” as well as a message from Camp Director Adam Boyd about how God speaks to us through the Bible. This message will be reiterated during cabin devotions tonight.

The first couple of minutes of all activities today began with discussions about the safety procedures of the activity. Then the girls were able to jump straight into learning new skills and forming new memories to share with you! In DIY Craft, our newest activity, girls began to build jewelry holders! In Knitting, Betsy B. started to knit a blanket, while Lila B. worked on a beanie! So impressive. Over in Fencing, the girls did some yoga stretches, which I personally fully enjoyed as well before learning some footwork and basic positioning.

At Merri-Mac, we have incredible opportunities to take girls on trips outside of camp to explore their newfound skills on real rocks and real rivers! The following girls went on a Climbing trip today: Caroline C., Maggie O., Morgan P., Juliana R., Virginia D., and Allison F. I know they had a blast! These girls went on a Canoeing trip: Sang-Mi L., Julia P., Mairin M., and Megan R. This morning, some campers went water skiing! Audrey B., Sydney M., Stewart Anne M., Shane O., and Claire U. enjoyed a morning on the lake!

After a lunch of “taco-in-a-bag”—a camp favorite that includes stuffing all the favorite taco toppings into a bag of Fritos chips—an afternoon thunderstorm rolled through and cooled off the air. This afternoon, Britta B. and Courtney H. belayed some other climbers on the rock wall inside the Mike (our gym) while Gymnastics classes made goal sheets for the session, practiced their cartwheels, and walked on the bar.

Audrey S. received her bronze bar in Archery today! Bronze, silver, and gold bars celebrate growth in an activity and count towards White Feather promotions; a ceremony later in the week will note all of these accomplishments. Today was also Shelby Grace’s birthday! She is a camper in Sun Drop and turned 13 today! Happy birthday, Shelby Grace.

As I write this after a dinner of chicken lo mein and spring rolls, I hear the echoes of tribal chants echo throughout camp as your daughters, granddaughters, and family friends run through camp searching for “gold.” These painted objects scattered around camp will go towards points for their tribe for the Banner, which will be announced later in the session! Good luck to all of those participating in Gold Rush, and a good night to you from Camp Merri-Mac! All of us counselors are thrilled to meet and get to know your girls over the next few weeks, and we are thankful to you for sharing them with us.


God Bless,


Maddy Mallory

Dreams Begin Counselor

Guitar Instructor

10th Year Merri-Mac Girl

Proud Seminole

University of Virginia ‘17