As the second full day of session 1B started, it is impossible to not see God working in every area of camp. As a camp, we are blessed to be able to spend time in community with each other in God’s creation. He is with us in every activity we do keeping us safe as we perfect our kayak rolls, pike dives and bouldering techniques. He is reminding us each and every day that camp is a beautiful and simple place to grow as a young woman.

Reveille woke up camp at its usual 7:00AM, and cabins started their cabin chores.  Not much long after girls were running down to Tucker in for the first meal of the day-baked oatmeal-a camp favorite. As the bowls were scraped and tummies were filled, Mary Becker M. told us that the Seminoles had won Gold Rush the night before, and that the Choctaw’s had won spirit points.

After breakfast we headed to chapel where Madison M. gave our chapel about God as our father. Then we headed back to our cabins to change in our swimsuits, grab our water bottles for first activity, or head to the backpacking hut for a full day hike.

Before we could blink, the bugle was ringing for first activity. Girls were rushing to pottery, kayaking, DIY crafts, horseback riding, and gymnastics among others.  The day was off to a great start, the sun was bright and the water was warm. After pottery was made, dogs were walked, guns were shot and boulders were climbing, it was time for second period.

Second activity seemed to fly by, and before we knew it we were heading to the Tucker Inn for lunch, chicken patties and M&M cookies.  Lunch was full of tribe songs, and spirit as everyone eagerly awaited the evening activity announcement. Cabin Night was what was in store, and the girls would have to wait to see where they would be headed for the evening.

After a successful and filling lunch we headed to our cabin for rest time, then trading post and third activity.

During third and fourth activity the dock was active, guitars were strong, fitness was stretching, and soccer balls were kicked.

After a full afternoon we headed to the dining hall for dinner, ravioli and cherry cobbler. Maggie B., Amelia R., Kate S., Anna M., Claire C., Maddie P., and Immy D. had stories to share about their full day hike up Greybeard Mountain. On the whole, the dining hall was buzzing with tales of camp that day. Archery and climbing seemed to be a big hit in the Tweedle cabins.

Dinner finished with cabin songs and we were dismissed to cabin night. The Tweedle Cabins and Sunspot made S’mores and bracelets at the Teepee. Stardust had a spa and paws night, where they did manicure and massages and put the puppies to bed. Milk Way made S’mores on Senior Hill, and Comet had a free swim with S’mores. Blue Heaven had a pancake party in Tucker Inn.  Moonmist also made S’mores, but had a dance party in the Lodge. Little Dipper went to the Boyd’s house to swim. Big Dipper and Sundrop went to the Mark to camp out, and Rainbow did a love raid as well as a trading post raid. Dreams Begin played Lazer Tag, while Dreams End cooked in the kitchen. Then to conclude our oldest girls, Sunnyside and Cloud Nine had open mike night at Monkey’s Bottom.

As the evening taps rang, girls were falling asleep in the bunks, exhausted from an exciting day at camp, but eager to start another day of camp in God’s creation.


Ashlan J.

Sundrop Counselor