DSCN0077 (1024x768)What’s a better way to start a beautiful morning in the mountains than with waffles for breakfast? As girls finished cleaning up their cabins and getting ready for their activities, they swarmed into the Tucker Inn, greeted by the smell of a delicious breakfast. Right after breakfast, several trips went out including a rafting trip to the Pigeon, a waterskiing trip to Lake James, a climbing trip to Devil’s Cellar, and a kayaking trip to the Tuck. With full bellies, everyone headed to Chapel, singing songs of praise and listening to Adam as he taught us that Jesus died for us because He is perfect and wanted us all to share in his gift of new life.

After Chapel, the Iroquois and Choctaw tribes had quick tribe meetings, learning songs and reminding the importance of personal points. Seminoles, on the other hand, headed straight to free time where girls played tetherball, hung out in the cabin, read and wrote letters, and just hung out before heading to their first two activities. In cooking, the girls made a selection of different breads, including pumpkin, lemon, and banana-chocolate chip! It smelled (and tasted) absolutely delicious! In DIY crafts, girls finished up their Black Mountain, NC boards and started making paper beads, a process which involves cutting fun paper in strips, rolling them around string, using glue to hold them in place, and finishing by painting them with clear nail polish. Climbing was in the Mike today and had to opportunity to climb the overhang, the traverse wall, and learn some new knots, like the figure-eight follow through and the double fisherman’s knots.

For lunch, the girls enjoyed another favorite: Taco in a Bag. This delicious meal uses Fritos as the taco shell and girls put all the meat and toppings right into the Frito bag, shake it up, and eat it right out of the bag! Sounds crazy but its an amazing lunch. Paired with ice cream sandwiches for desert, everyone was happy. Sunnyside switched up the usual routine of Tribal songs at lunch and declared it to be “Taylor Swift Tuesday.” The girls belted out all of their favorite Taylor songs before heading to their cabins for rest time. The cabin princesses returned to the Mike with Princess Anna to rehearse for the upcoming Princess Party. The theme remains a secret and everyone is very excited to find out.

When rest time was over and trading post had closed, the girls headed to their third and fourth activities, ready for more fun!  On Lake Doris, kayakers practiced their hip snaps and T-rescues, the last skills they need before they can start learning their rolls.         In diving, campers Elke G. and Holland M. showed off their front flips as Madigan E. did an impressive belly flop. Girls in PAWS, our puppy class, continued to train the puppies with treats, teaching them to sit, lie down, and “leave it.” Backpacking headed out to the ropes course, trying out the swings, doing trust falls, and other activities that the girls really enjoyed.

When fourth period was over, campers and counselors alike headed back to the cabin to get ready for tonight’s evening activity: COUNSELOR HUNT. Campers put on their tribe jerseys as counselors put on dark clothes and black face paint, getting ready to hide all over camp. This activity is especially fun to the campers, because if they find a counselor, they get the opportunity to push them into the lake! (Counselors had bathing suits under their clothes, don’t worry.) Before that, however, the girls enjoying a Thanksgiving-esque feast of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, peas, and rolls, ending with strawberry pastries. A real pallet-pleaser! When dinner was over, the cabins stood up and sang their songs, ending with the CITs (Counselors in Training) song and long awaited add-on.

Tomorrow the girls will find out who won Counselor Hunt, and tonight the girls will sleep well after a fun and busy day of great food, great friends, and great camping. Thanks for sharing your campers with us! Our love for them grows more and more every day! I can’t wait to spend these next few days or even weeks with them! They truly make camp a special place.


Good night Camp Merri-Mac!


Counselor Amelia


12 years returning

Tweedle Doe Counselor

Kayaking instructor

Seminoles best tribe!