The bugle rang its normal reveille sound, but the campers were not woken by their usual counselors.  Instead, they were woken up by their new counselors who happen to be Sunnyside and Dreams campers. So what do the counselors do? They were able to sleep in of course… or do laundry… or do morning devotion. Either way, staff appreciation day was starting off right!

On staff appreciation day, the new “counselors” sit at their assigned cabins for each meal, while the actual counselors act as Sunnyside and Dreams campers. The actual staff cannot be more excited for a day of leading morning songs and tribal songs. When counselor Kathleen A. was asked her favorite part about staff appreciation day she said; “My favorite part is leading songs like the Sunnysiders! Tradition is big here at camp and I am so blessed to be a part of it.” When the new “counselors” were asked their favorite thing about being counselors for the day:

  • Madelyn L said, “I kinda love the kids.”
  • Anne Dillon L said, “I love spending time teaching an activity that I am so passionate                                                                                                                                                                                               about.”
  • Reily B said, “My favorite part is definitely making relationships with the younger campers.”

After a scrumptious breakfast of sausage egg and cheese biscuits with hash browns, everyone made their way to chapel to hear a wonderful message by Grace U. Morning activities were off to a fantastic start with their new “instructors.” Kendall K, a Tweedle Dee counselor, said: “My favorite part of staff appreciation day is to see campers teaching campers.” There is something really special about seeing a camper teaching another camper, and something just clicks. Staff appreciation day is about these moments, growth in leadership for the Sunnyside and Dreams campers and love growing for their activities for the younger campers.

From knitting you can smell the glorious scents coming from the kitchen. The cooking class, being taught by Caroline A. and Madeline H., was cooking strawberry shortcake which happened to be a recipe from cooking instructor Kathleen A’s mother.  In climbing, the campers were struck with a challenge, they had to climb with their eyes closed! Because this is somewhat of a daunting task, our brilliant climbing instructors placed candy at the top of the wall as an incentive.

At lunch it was announced that tonight, was in fact, CHRISTMAS EVE. Campers and counselors alike came to dinner in their most festive attire, yearning to get back to the cabin to make their secret santa presents and be serenaded by the carolers. The night ended with the excitement that tomorrow would be Christmas! All at Merri-Mac will be dreaming of a camp Christmas that’s for sure!

Counselor Samantha Couch