The day is finally here! The cabin princesses have been selected from each cabin. And have kept the secret of the theme of tonight’s princess party. All week they have been attending secret play rehearsals during rest hour to practice lines and dances. And after a week of dodging questions from curious campers and staff the camp filed into the mike for the princess party and the theme is finally revealed. It’s Disney’s FROZEN!

The build up to tonight would have been unbearable if it wasn’t such a great day at camp. In climbing the girls were at the lower tower and the grotto for the majority of the day but made a trip to the lake to practice placing gear in the rocks that surround the lake. In pottery they put the finishing touches on their mugs and whistles and glazed all their projects so they could go into the kiln before its time for our two week campers to go home. In lacrosse today they practiced mirroring and ran some really fun drills to practice the fundamentals of the sport. Volleyball today learned how to spike. In PAWs they worked on changing the dogs from walking with harnesses to walking with collars. In riding today they took laps around camp practicing proper technique. Camp craft today went to new heights today as they took they girls up on the high ropes course. In cooking they made their own personal pizzas. Fencing today spent the whole day sparing. In kayaking they worked on their rolls and t-rescues. In fitness they spent the day finding their center doing yoga. And because the mike was occupied all day with the princesses decorating for the party gymnastic had a fun day free swimming in the lake.

After the whole day of build up it was finally time for the princess party! The girls all looked so beautiful dressed up for Anabell’s princess party. The mike looked like a winter wonderland as the room was covered in snow flakes and painted of ice castles covered the walls. As they filled up the mike they began singing the princess song as Anabell made her grand entrance into the mike with her escort Patio. Anabell took her seat on stage and the play began. Our head of swimming Madi played the lead role of Elsa and she was paired with our first session princess who stepped in for another princess party as Ana. The play had us all rolling over with laughter as they changed the lines of the movie to incorporate camp jokes. These jokes ranged from how strong the Choctaw spirit is to the excitement over the Rockmont dance. As the play came to a close and the actresses took their bows the crowd chanted for an encore. The song “Classic” by MKTO blasted through the speakers as the cast jumped into a synchronized dance that was a surprise not only for the crowd but also for the princess. It brought the crowd to their feet as we all joined in for the final chorus. As the girls filed out of the mike even more surprises awaited them. They are received a t shirt that said “Anabell’s Princess Party” on it and a goody bag full of cake pops and snowflake cookies. After taking cabin pictures the girls ran down to the boat house where an ice cream truck was waiting for them. Anabell’s princess party was a hit and a great way to end another amazing day at camp.

Abby Murray

Milky Way Counselor