Thursday, July 24th began with the sound of the morning bugle and the smell of pancakes wafting up senior hill. Morning songs included a practice round of Friendship Circle tunes, and a few tears were shed in anticipation of the soon-to-be end of summer. The girls quickly fell into their mourning routines, however, and another day at Merri-Mac was quickly underway. The young ladies in knitting class put finishing touches on scarves and headbands, while the girls of DIY crafts added final embellishments to decoupage journals. Up on the tennis courts, Marquesa C. led the first period class as a requirement for earning a gold bar, and nestled on Little Dipper’s front porch, guitar class celebrated as Morgan G. successfully completed a bronze bar achievement.
Lunch brought the Merri-Mac-ers a happy surprise. An old favorite for returning campers and a new love for first-year girls, stromboli was a marked success in the dining hall. Filled-to-the-brim on the delicious Italian food, the girls tumbled gratefully into bunks and beds for a relaxing rest hour, followed by a rush to the Trading Post for a sweet treat.
Later that afternoon, the ladies in cooking class displayed their culinary talents by creating personal pizzas from fresh ingredients. The soccer class enjoyed a special treat, free swimming in Lake Doris. The girls in drama class enjoyed utilizing their skills of character development in several fun games, including the classic “Party Guest”, where you never know who’s coming to dinner!
Speaking of dinner, grilled chicken and potato au gratin completed the menu. And the ice cream sandwiches were not to be forgotten!
The evening culminated with a White Feather Ceremony, where a gold bar in archery was awarded to Millie M., a gold bar in backpacking went to Maddie M., and Amelia G. received a silver bar in basketball. A silver bar in competitive swimming went to Sophie S., and a silver bar in dance was achieved by Scout L. Maggie D., Scout L., and Mimi M. earned silver bars in fencing, and Anna M. achieved a silver bar in guitar. Gymnastic silver bars were awarded to Claire R. and Sydney H. In riding Grace R., Margaret R., Virginia C., Maggie G., Juliette A., and Claire L. earned silver bars, and Maggie G., Juliette A., and Taylor U. achieved gold bars. In swimming Olivia T., Cole M., Mattie G., Anna Caitlyn A., Anna M., and Isabella S. earned their silver bars, and Emma M. and Olivia T. achieved gold bars. Julia B., Wynne W., and Kate T. achieved silver bars in tennis, and Alice M. and Katherine M. received gold bars. Various bronze bars, commendations, and electives were also awarded.
Immediately following White Feather, the girls participated in a camp-favorite – Sock War! Each tribe battled bravely, contending for spirit points as well as the winning score. But as soon as the game was over, Tweedle Dee, Blue Heaven, and Sunspot girls raced to Tucker Inn to enjoy cabin cakes, the spoils of their victory as cleanest cabins.
As the hour of taps approached, sleepy Merri-Mac-ers nestled down between sheets and under blankets, cuddling pillows and stuffed friends alike, as counselors read bed time stories and prayed blessings over each girl, thanking God for a wonderful, very Merri-Mac Thursday.
Stephanie Graybill | Blue Heaven | Choctaw