Merri-Mac girls have fun rain or shine. I began today’s journey throughout camp in pottery. There, campers were finishing up their ocarinas and then learned how to throw. I saw the coolest cat ocarina made by Olivia D. I then walked to backpacking and found campers learning how to tie knots. They were also singing some pretty rad songs that they had written about the Leave No Trace principles. I passed the barn as they were painting the horse named Mad Eye Moody. He got many colorful handprints as decoration for the day. We had many brave souls in Lake Doris kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. They were definitely building character out there on the lake today! I got to be the judge for several handstand competitions when I stopped by gymnastics. Scout L. and Clarissa S. were frequent winners.

I heard a lot of beautiful music coming from guitar class. Annie L. was learning one of my favorites, Pompeii by Bastille. Drama class had a bunch of fun energy flowing with girls acting like business women, dogs, and hairstylists. Not quite sure what was going on in there, but I liked it and I definitely wanted to join. Climbing class used the grotto today in order to practice their bouldering skills. They also learned a lot about climbing equipment necessary for the sport.

In the kitchen, campers were making cinnamon twists. There were a lot of scarves being knitted on the Patti-o.

Campers ended the day by playing Smugglers and Spies, an evening activity where campers try to smuggle their secret messages to their home base without being caught by spies from other tribes. Tomorrow we will sleep in until 8 o’clock (praise!) and relax for the day, reflecting on the week and rejuvenating for another one.

OH, and we had s’more pockets after lunch… so you know it was a good day.

Sleep tightly, Merri-Mac families!


Director of CITs