The sun is setting amidst the drizzle on another day here at Camp Merri-Mac! And what a joyful day it has been, full of friendship and fun—the rain can’t stop an exuberant day at camp. After a peaceful morning awaking from the pitter-patter of raindrops and breakfasting on biscuits, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and bacon, Camp Director Adam Boyd spoke in chapel about relying on Christ, pulling verses from Colossians and 2 Corinthians. Sweet voices filled the camp as everyone sang songs such as “In Christ Alone.” A little bit of free time prepared the girls for their days’ activities, and then they were off! In Volleyball, Alex K. and others learned about volleyball as a game and how to serve. Over in Pottery, counselors guided the girls in throwing on the wheel to make mugs and bowls—Jarrett B. and Lucy B. especially enjoyed that! The barn was still busy as campers, such as Kate A., learned the parts of the horse and how to groom, and, as the rain tapered off in the afternoon, some rode in the ring.

A lunch of Greek pitas and homemade chips, topped off with M&M cookies, filled hungry bellies, and a much-needed and much-appreciated rest time refreshed spirits. After eating, tribal songs are sung, and today was “Tribal Song Switch Day,” which means Choctaw campers sing songs normally denoted to the Seminoles, and so on. This is always fun for everyone! Some girls wandered down to the Trading Post for a taste of carbonation and sugar right before third activities began. In Kayaking, Lila H. and Katherine H., among others, braved the rain and practiced their hip snaps and T-rescues, wherein one kayaker can help another resurface. Swimmers got to blob each other on the green-and-white pillow in the middle of the lake, and squeals of excitement and surprise echoed all around camp.

On the Patti-O, Knitting classes were enjoying a cozy fire and good conversation amongst their needling. Many girls participated in a knitting tournament this morning! To earn a mark towards the award of White Feather, campers can organize tournaments. Taylor T. organized this one, and the winners were Kaitlin P., Ashlynn T., and Aynsley R! In Archery, Candler C. got a bullseye! Climbing classes met indoors today on the “overhang” rock wall in the Mike and the Grotto, a bouldering site at camp. Campers Kristie G.and Shay A. belayed other climbing campers—a very impressive skill to know!

After a stop by the cooking kitchen to taste the delicious twisted cinnamon rolls and egg cups, I reflected on the past day at camp. Even though the weather encouraged dampened spirits, not one camper nor counselor submitted, keeping energy and enthusiasm all day long to tonight’s evening activity of neon-themed “Battleball” (Dodgeball)! Before Battleball, we held our weekly White Feather ceremony. White Feather promotions are earned by completing bars in activities, accepting camper and counselor commendations within cabins, and achieving electives such as running the trail! Here is a list of the promotions, signified by necklaces with varied bead colors, earned this evening:



Penelope M.

Catherine M. Sophia N.

McKenna N.

Elizabeth W.

Emerson S.

Caroline L.

Margaret J.

Lucy B.

Berkeley Y.

Elizabeth S.

Sahara N.

Elizabeth M.

India S.

Anne Marie S.

Ava L.

Kate C.



Grace C.

Sophie T.

Lexi F.

Adrianna B.

Caroline S.



Gabby W.



Alexandria W.

Jordan C.

Annie L.

Maddie N.

Claire J.

Grace K.

Molly P.

Celia S.

Hollis B.

Marilou C.

Jaden M.

Grace R.

Mary Louise J.

Anna M.

Remy S.

Isabelle S.


Crazy Creek

Lizzie h.

Allie S.


Long Bow

Heather C.

Kathryn G.


Running Deer

Alexis L.

Margaret V.

Grace C.

Allison Y.

Emily K.

Allie W.

Chloe M.

Hanna S.

Ashley W.

Anne D.

Margaret P.

Emily P.

Shay A.


Red Tail

Caroline B.

Emily K.

Rush L.

Marquesa C.


A huge congratulations to all of these girls—White Feather is such a great honor and representation of joy and investment in camp and all it has to offer. I want to thank you for allowing us to form relationships with your loved ones, for entrusting them to us for two or four weeks. Your daughters and granddaughters are making incredible memories they would not be able to make anywhere else, and they anticipate eagerly the moment they are able to share them with you.


Good evening,


Maddy Mallory

Spirited Seminole

Dreams Begin Counselor

Guitar Instructor

University of Virginia ‘17