I woke up to the sight of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains at 7am when the bugle first sounded.  Camp Merri-Mac ran on a normal schedule, not a Sunday schedule, so all of our girls could start to experience how camp is normally run. The girls woke up and got ready to head down the hill for breakfast. We all started our Sunday morning with warm and fluffy cinnamon rolls, a camp favorite. After those were gone, within minutes, we sang our morning camp songs, which included Chante  Chante and I’m a Villain. Once we concluded our breakfast, it was time for chapel. We always start chapel by singing Christian songs. It always is uplifting to see all the girls have their eyes closed and starting their day off singing to the Lord. It is the most refreshing way to start camp. Today in chapel, Adam Boyd spoke to the camp about who God is. He used the example of when you have a blanky that is your special blanky. You carry that blanky. everywhere and know every stich. But then you lose that blanket and your parents try to replace it, but you immediately know that the new blanket is not yours. Adam used that comparison to God. The girls were told that whenever they are spoken to, it is coming from the Bible.  Adam went on to explain that we come to know the true God from the Bible, not from anyone’s thoughts or opinions.

After chapel there was a thirty-minute break and then girls headed to the first class period. I loved walking around and seeing the excitement the girls had for their classes and the new skills they are learning. I first went to pottery where girls were learning to throw clay. If you have a daughter in pottery, she was covered in clay today. Then I walked up to DIY crafts where the girls were painting trees on paper and then glued buttons to the tree. Then it was off to cooking where the girls were making monkey bread and quiche. I may have treated myself to some of the food and I must say, it was delicious. Then I walked over to volleyball where the girls were learning to pass and set the ball. I also went over to lacrosse where the girls were playing steal the bacon. I attempted some lacrosse myself and discovered it is an acquired skill that I do not possess, buy many of your girls do. Second period ended at 12:30 and we had thirty minutes of down time before headed to lunch. Lunch consisted of grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and curly fries. My cabin had a contest to see who had the longest curly fry. I won. We also helped Mattie Y. celebrate her 16th birthday. After that excitement, we ate rice crispy treats for dessert and all stood on the benches to sing tribe songs. Majority of the girls got up to sing the new Choctaw chant and Tucker Inn was filled with song.

It was then time for a much needed rest hour. After a solid thirty-minute nap, the girls all sprinted down the hill for trading post. At 3:30 first period began. In many of the classes, girls were getting their first safety talk. Camp makes sure that there is a safety briefing for every class. I heard bits and pieces of safety talks for riflery, guitar, and backpacking. Meanwhile the campers who have been here for two weeks continued on and are excelling in their classes. I walked by horseback riding where your girls continued to impress me with their ability to control an animal five times their size. I also went to climbing where three young women were working on their silver bar and Kristy G. was working on her gold bar. I then stopped by the dock and saw canoeing, kayaking, and diving. I witnessed a young lady maker her first successful wet exit in kayaking and the excitement on her face made my entire day. Fourth period was cut short because we took the traditional camp photo where the girls are in their whites and the counselors in their uniform. It was then shortly time for dinner where we had fried chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes, which is my absolute favorite camp meal, as it is for many others. We finished with apple fritters for dessert and cabin songs. The evening activity was Base Jumping. In this activity, the girls are given strips of paper and are trying to get the paper into buckets without getting intercepted by counselors. The winner of this game will be announced tomorrow with much anticipation.

Altogether, it was another great day at camp. The counselors are excited to get to know your girls and share all their knowledge for their class, but much more than that, their love of God. Thank you for sharing your daughter with us. We could not be happier to have them here at Camp Merri-Mac.



Keitt Panuccio


Dreams End Counselor


Faithful Choctaw