It was a beautiful day today at Merri-Mac. The girls all woke up feeling well rested after their peaceful Sunday. Everyone happily began their chores, except for our oldest girls in Cloud 9, Sundrop, and Sunnyside, who were surprised by finding out their long awaited Sunnyside trip was today! These lucky girls would be in for a day of surprised including a trip to Gravitopia (an indoor trampoline park) and going out to dinner. Our Sunnyside girls were missed today at camp!
  For the rest of the cabins, it was a breakfast of circle eggs, sausage, and biscuits. After the delicious meal, everyone listened to a message at chapel from Adam about living our lives for Jesus. Thankfully, the rain held off for our activities today! In cooking, the girls made pigs in a blanket and mac and cheese. In knitting, the girls were perfecting their headbands and scarves of a variety of colors. In DIY crafts, everyone worked on homemade journals with cut out pictures glued on. The girls in PAWS were lucky enough to take the precious pups on a scenic walk around camp. In backpacking, the girls hit the ropes course and played games such as Simon Says while attempting to keep their balance.
   In basketball, the girls played a game in order to perfect their layups. Archery worked on technique by popping balloons places on targets. Wherever you go around camp, girls are sure to be having fun and learning new skills.
    After a yummy lunch of pizza and cookies (a camp favorite), we discovered the wonder of Saturday night’s Smugglers and Spies was the CHOCTAW tribe. We also discovered that tonight’s evening activity is CABIN NIGHT! This means every cabin has something special planned for the evening. Some cabins are making s’mores, having spa nights, or having dance parties. It’s even rumored that our oldest cabins are sneaking out for a special raid..but Shh! It’s a secret! It’s been a beautiful Monday at camp. Thank you so much for sharing your girls with us this summer!
From this Haven,


Anna Moon

Tweedle Dum Counselor