The skies cleared for an incredible day at Camp Merri-Mac! From hazy clouds to blue skies, the spirit of Merri-Mac lifted tremendously and the energy in activities was incomparable! So many girls achieved bars in several activities.

The morning started chilly, but campers got up, got ready for the day, and began their daily chores, trying to achieve that “10” for a cabin score that seemed impossible. Breakfast brought smiles with some of the fluffiest camp biscuits ever. The kitchen staff was in high spirits as it was the Head of the Kitchen Monica’s birthday! The entire camp brought her out during lunch to sing happy birthday to her. After breakfast, there was the usual stampede to Chapel to get the best seat. The message was by counselor Christy, where she talked about craving lemonade, and trying to replace it with Crystal Light and Sweet Tea. She explained that she was not satisfied until she finally had the lemonade and how this parallels our desire for Christ.

After Chapel, the girls had a bit of free time before heading off to activities. Cooking made Mac & Cheese from scratch (it was delicious) and knitting worked on their headbands. Across the way in pottery, girls began glazing their mugs and upstairs in DIY crafts, they modge-podged journals using magazines. Backpacking had the opportunity to go to the low ropes course, practicing solo success and group work. Volleyball class worked on serving, specifically to get their bronze. Horse Back Riding practiced their jumping techniques and went on a trail ride!

After their first two classes, the girls headed to lunch where they had everyone’s favorite: Taco in a Bag! For those who don’t know, Taco in a Bag consists of a bag of Fritos (the taco shell), taco meat, salsa, and the usual toppings. Girls can either pour the Fritos onto their plate or they can put everything inside of the bag, shake it up, and then pour it out! Desert was rice crispy treats, and then everyone headed to their cabins for thirty minutes of rest, giving them time to sleep and write letters home. The bugle rang for trading post and girls sprinted to get in line first for candy. Once all the mayhem ended, third and fourth periods began!

At the Upper Tower, girls worked on climbing the tower, as it is one step closer to achieving their bronze in climbing. Next to the tower, girls also had to opportunity to climb a new route on the Boulder. At Puppy camp, girls learned the difference between walking the dogs with harnesses and different collars. Tennis worked on serves and played Queens of the Court. At gymnastics, girls loved the chance to work on the trampoline, learning several different jumps and flips. In riflery, Celia S. got her bronze, and in archery, girls practiced getting a bull’s-eye by aiming for a balloon taped to the center of the target. Margaret P. received her bronze and Millie M. received her gold, which is very difficult to achieve, and takes a lot of work and patience. Guitar serenaded the camp while learning Pompeii and Counting Stars while Hollis B. got her bronze. On the dock, swimming dominated in bars! Isabel K., Sophia S., and Cole M. all received their silver while Emma M. and Olivia T. received their gold! In diving, Janie C. earned her bronze after performing a standing back dive by herself! Kayaking worked on rolls, one of the more advanced steps in the class.

As you can see, classes were a huge success today! After they were finished however, the fun did not stop there. At dinner, girls sang the favorite “We were’s!” This is where girls get to stand up and sing the songs of the cabins they were once in! The older cabins love being able to sing the songs they once sang years ago! Counselors were also able to sing their add-ons to the Sunnyside and CIT songs. After the singing was done, the evening festivities began. Counselors were dressed in black and painted up, hoping not to be found during COUNSELOR HUNT. Once found, the camper who found them pushed them in the lake in front of everyone. At this point, they discover how many points they are worth to the tribe, positive OR negative! Let’s hope everyone found a good hiding spot!

Another amazing day at camp come and gone and the girls will go to sleep tonight with smiles on their faces, excited for the next day. Thank you for sharing your incredible girls with us this summer! They are such a blessing at this camp!

Good night Camp Merri-Mac!

Counselor Amelia Kisling

12 years returning
Tweedle Doe Counselor
Kayaking instructor
Seminoles Best Tribe!