This brisk morning at Merri Mac started with a delicious meal of baked oatmeal, and bacon. The girls sang their morning songs, and then were excited to find out the winners of last night’s evening activity. Iroquois won spirit points, and the Seminoles won the game of Inferno. After breakfast, the girls huddled in the chapel to sing songs and hear the morning message from stardust counselor Jackie. This morning’s chapel was on John 9:39. After chapel, it was time for tribe meetings. The Iroquois chief, Christie G., taught her tribe a new song.
At 10:30, morning activities started. It was the first day of Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday classes for session 3B. Which meant, safety talk day. However, the teachers made sure to incorporate some fun along with the instructions. In kayaking, Sophie M. practiced her roll that she got just a few days ago. In Cooking, the girls made monkey bread and quiche. “The monkey bread was my favorite,” said Grace (tweedle dee). In knitting the girls started making headbands, in canoeing they played canoe tag, in DIY crafts they made button trees, and in volleyball they practiced passing and serving the ball.
After morning activities it was time for lunch. It was a favorite meal, chicken patties, French fries, and M&M cookies. The line of people was out the serving area waiting for refills on the delicious food. After lunch it was time for tribe songs, Iroquois got to practice their new song in front of everyone. Everyone was excited to hear that the evening activity was Christmas Eve, perfect for this cool day. The Sunnysiders led the entire lunchroom into singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer when it was announced.
After lunch everyone ran up for rest half hour. Which was followed by trading post and free time. Almost all the campers made sure to spend this time outside on this gorgeous day. Eating their candy at the picnic tables, playing tether ball, going on runs, making bracelets, and playing card games all around the volley ball courts and trade po area.

This afternoon during activities there was a lot going on too. In pottery they had a choice to throw on the wheel, or make a pinch pot. “I chose to throw on the wheel, I learned how to center my clay,” said Clare D. In riding they got to know the horses, and practiced riding them around the coral. In archery they learned proper stance, and shooting, and in riflery they went through an in-depth safety talk and then practiced shooting for a little while. In fencing they learned the parts of the foil, and then played games practicing proper form. In EWS the girls practiced back boarding.
After afternoon activities all the girls got decked out in their Christmas clothes and headed down the hill for dinner. Dinner was ziti with meatballs and broccoli, and for dessert it was cherry cobblers. Through out the meal sunnysiders would randomly start singing Christmas carols to get the camp in the Christmas spirit. After dinner everyone ran up to get socks for their counselors to stuff with candy. Every cabin drew names for secret santa, and crafted gifts for the cabin mate they got.
This evening all the counselors will walk to each cabin and sing a couple Christmas carols. The girls will be read a Christmas story then go to sleep early. Tomorrow morning everyone will get the chance to sleep in, then be awoken by a truck full of doughnuts and hot chocolate. Camp is great. Merry Christmas Eve Y’all!


Counselor Emily Jameson

Milky Way