What a wonderful Christmas day we had here at Camp Merri-Mac! The warm sun cracked through the dew and mist, waking each camper up and filling her with the joy that a new day brings! Especially when that day is Christmas! After catching a few extra minutes of sleep, the blue maintenance truck rolled up the hill waking everyone up with the sweet tunes of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”,and of course the sweet taste of Krispy Kreme donuts and hot chocolate with marshmallows! The sugar kick continued as the girls unpacked all of their stockings, which their counselors had lovingly stuffed with candy the night before. After each donut and Reese cup had been polished off, everyone headed down the hill to chapel, where we sang Silent Night, Joy to the World and other wonderful Christmas hymns. Counselor Jenna E. delivered a great chapel service meditating on the words from Jonah 2:1. Not long after chapel came to a close, activities began and the day was in full swing! On the Patti-O outside of the cooking kitchen, girls were hard at work knitting headbands of various colors, sizes and patterns. Patterson G. was working on a headband to give to her friend Anna Laura C. Inside at the kitchen; campers were making and sampling their own chocolate chip muffins, as well as blueberry muffins with a lemon glaze. In the shade of the fencing pavilion, the girls started on putting what they have learned so far into a fencing match! On the Tennis courts, campers worked on volleys, ground strokes, and began working towards their bars. Mary Elizabeth G. and Janie C. showed particular prowess out on the courts! In guitar, Joelle S. earned her bronze bar, and the rest of the class continued to learn how to play various Christmas songs. For lunch, girls enjoyed a Christmas feast of turkey, peas, mashed potatoes and stuffing, with fudge bars for dessert of course! As lunchtime drew to a close, an exciting new game was introduced to Camp Merri-Mac. An arrowhead has been buried at camp, and glory will come to the tribe who finds the arrowhead before the summer ends. After lunch, a much needed rest hour came, followed by trading post and tetherball and a pick up lacrosse game on Macky’s Green. Before long, it was time for activities to start up again! On the Archery range, girls worked hard to always remember to follow through when shooting, as well as learned the parts of a bow. Climbing met on Spencer’s Green today. The new climbing and bouldering wall continue to be some of our most exciting additions to camp this summer! Joelle S. and Claire H. both earned their bronze bar on the new tower today. Another one of our most exciting additions this summer is, of course, the PAWS program! Campers took turns walking Chief, Hogan, Archer, Mac and Brennan around camp, teaching them various commands such as sit, stay and lay down. The rifelry range had very exciting news to report today, Alex V. became the second camper to earn her bronze bar this summer! Congratulations to Alex! Chorus met at the chapel today, where Katherine M., Janie H., and Taylor T. earned bronze bars. Taylor U., Elizabeth C. and Ellie P. earned their silver bars in chorus today. Taylor T. also earned her silver bar in chorus today, as well as embarked upon a two backpacking trip. One of my favorite things about life at camp is constant action and adventure that each camper gets to experience! Down at the Lake Doris, Kaitlyn P. successfully rolled her kayak after two years of hard work dedicated to this skillful sport! In the Emergency Water Safety class, Millie M. earned her silver bar and Anna M. earned her gold bar. A gold bar was also awarded to Margaret V. in swim class, Cate L. earned her bronze bar in swimming and Grace M. perfected her freestyle kick in swim class as well.

After a long day filled with adventure and accomplishment in the hot Christmas sun, everyone’s stomachs welcomed a hearty dinner of Taco-In-A-Bag complete with brownies for dessert. Not long after dinner drew to a close, the girls headed to The Mike to enjoy a special Christmas themed Vespers.

As our summer days are dwindling and school is fast approaching, we are all cherishing these precious moments of friendship and adventure that we are so blessed to experience at Camp Merri-Mac. Come September, I’m sure we will all remember our camping days and friendships true.



Davie Boone

Comet Counselor

Faithfull Seminole