Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.  Those days of vespers and friendship and cheer.  8 AM rolled around just in time as the beautiful girls of Merri-Mac awoke to a very relaxing Sunday.  Chores were done by all, and extra special attention was paid to cubbies this morning as a competition was announced: the cabin with the best looking cubbies for the next two days will be treated to a pool party and cookies at the Boyd’s.  Girls worked feverishly at perfecting their cubbies in hopes to win this grand prize.  The girls dressed in their whites and headed down to a delicious breakfast of cinnamon rolls where they began to divulge all of the details of the dance at Camp Rockmont last night.  Girls loved spending an evening with the gentlemen of Rockmont and dancing with their friends.  The day continued into chapel where the girls of Comet led chapel and told us about the story of Leah, Rachel, and Jacob.  Jacob was in search of a wife when he met Rachel and Leah the daughters of Laban.  Jacob wanted to marry Rachel but was forced to work for seven years until he was allowed to take her as his bride.  As the seventh year ended, Jacob was to marry Rachel but was given Leah instead.  Jacob and Laban talked and Laban promised that if he would work another seven years he could actually have Rachel as his wife.  The seven years passed and Rachel became his wife as well.  God saw that Leah was not liked by Jacob and was given the ability to have sons while Rachel could not.  The sons that Leah would have would bring about our Savior, Jesus many years later.  We learned that though we are not always the most liked on earth, Jesus loves us all the time and will always help us through everything.  Free time ensued from Chapel until lunch and the girls played games and went to the Stardust Spa where the girls of Stardust pampered their customers with massages, hair-do’s and mani-pedis.  Lunch was a camp favorite of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and peas, with apple pie for dessert.  Tribal competitions and songs were put aside today as Chapel songs could be heard through the dining hall instead.  As a part of the Sunday tradition, the girls walked up the hill for an hour long rest hour!  That hour is especially celebrated after a long, fun week of activities.  The bugle rang and the girls raced out of their cabin to enjoy friendship and the candy at trading post.  More free time followed and the girls were able to have free swim in the beautiful Lake Doris and also work on their bars for their classes.  Many jokes and memories were made today as the girls were able to enjoy the time spent relaxing in the beautiful weather with their friends.  The day turned into evening and the girls lined up outside for the Sunday cookout.  This is also a camp favorite meal consisting of hamburgers and hotdogs grilled especially for our campers.  After all tummies were full, the girls headed up to Vespers, where they watched skits performed by counselors and songs performed by Merri-Mac’s own Black Mountain Oysters.  Maddy Mudd delivered the message for tonights Vespers.  She talked about rock climbing and how Jesus is our “belayer” (the person who makes sure you do not fall whilst climbing).  He always catches us when we fall and is always there to encourage us as to where our next step in life should be.  Vespers ended and the girls are now enjoying some time with their cabin before the bugle rings for bedtime.  This has truly been a remarkable summer and I have been blessed by each of these wonderful girls at camp.  Sweet dreams Merri-Mac, may your dreams be as big as the sea and as wonderful as the memories made here at camp.

From this haven,

Jacqueline Carbonetta

Proud Seminole

Stardust Counselor

University of the Sciences of Philadelphia ‘18