You know it’s going to be an great day at camp when the staff hands the reigns over to the oldest girls at Merri-Mac for what we call Staff Appreciation Day! At the sound of reveille this morning, each cabin was greeted by a few fellow campers from Sunnyside, Cloud Nine, Sundrop, Dreams End, or Dreams Begin sporting borrowed staff shirts and excited faces. As a way to thank the staff for all their hard work this summer, these fifteen and sixteen year old girls took over being counselors for the entirety of the day, teaching classes (with guidance – of course!) that they excel in and staying with cabins that they had picked earlier in the week, while the staff took over their roles as campers, sitting as their normal tables during meals and becoming a student during classes. Not only does this give staff a break, but it allows the older girls a feel of what life on staff feels like.


A camp favorite meal of biscuits, sausage, and circle eggs filled our bellies this morning before we headed to chapel to hear Adam tell another “true story,” which paralleled with how God will always for his children. After a prayer and a few staff announcements, the girls headed up to their respected cabins (with their counselors for the day) for free time before first period.


Each older camper was ecstatic to be a teacher for the day. Some stayed in one class for most of the day – Elizabeth W., Allie Y., and Caroline M. were in canoeing, and taught their classes the proper swamping technique. Amelia G. was in cooking and made milkshakes, while Allie W. taught knitting, each camper working on various projects. Marquesa C. lead volleyball, teaching campers practicing different drills and several techniques, and Lindsay A. and Anne Sutton W. taught tennis, only stopped by rain for one period. Gracie T. and Elizabeth C. taught kayaking, and helped some campers with t-rescues while others learned to roll. Meanwhile, other campers moved around each period. Emily K. was in camp craft, fencing, DIY crafts, and climbing. Merri-mac was definitely not short staffed today as there were 31 Sunnyside, Cloud Nine and Sundrop campers, as well as 24 Dreams Begin and Dreams End campers helping out with classes and cabins today!


At the sound of the 12:30 bugle, the girls made there way to Tucker Inn for mini corn dogs and mac and cheese – another favorite meal here at camp. During the meal, camp sang a spirited happy birthday song (Cha-Cha-Chas welcome) to Ashlynn! The staff then chose their favorite tribe songs to sing while eating a chocolate chip cookie desert, but only two songs were sung instead of the usual three, as voting for Princess, Spirit of Good Cheer, and Spirit of Sportsmanship took place this afternoon. Each Sunnyside-aged camper that had stayed for four weeks lined up on a bench in the dining hall as every staff member and returning camper voted for the girls they thought truly represented Camp Merri-Mac. Afterwards, the girls headed up to their cabins for rest hour, trading post, and free time.


At 3:30, third period began, and they girls went back to teaching and learning. Rush L. and Hollis B. dueled in fencing today while Savannah S. took a lap around the horse ring in riding. After fourth period, campers ate a meal of fried okra, rice, and jelly cake before participating in tonight’s evening activity – cabin night! Each counselor had planned a special activity for their cabins, ranging from free swim to scavenger hunts to a movie and popcorn at the Mark. Cabin night is a great way for campers to spend time with their counselors and fellow cabin-mates, especially in these last few days at Merri-Mac.

As activities wrapped up, girls headed up Windy Hill (or down to Tweedle Cabins) for a nightly devotion, and at the sound of taps each counselor-for-the-day said goodnight to their campers, and went back to their own cabins for bed.

It was quite a wonderful day at Merri-Mac, and it is on days like these that I feel how truly blessed to be able to spend part of my summer with each of your beautiful daughters, so thank you, parents, for sending them to this lovely place!


Lucy White

CIT and Proud Choctaw