You know it is going to be a great today at Merri-Mac when french toast and sausage was served for breakfast! After several servings of the kitchen staff’s delicious dish, the campers were off to chapel for songs and praises. Today, the Dreams End counselor, Keitt, talked about what makes Camp Merri-Mac so unique from anywhere else on Earth. The answer is the clear presence of God’s love and the amazing community between the girls. Then, she encouraged everyone to share that kind of love and that special part of camp with the rest of the world. After chapel, the girls were off to their first and second period activities. The activities were jam packed with  going on trips, learning news skills,and earning bars.

There was a kayaking trip to the Tuck which included Anne C., Emily K., Nora C., Alexandra W., Catherine D., Sophie M., Marquesa C., and Holly H. Another trip was taken for climbing, which included Becca M. and Mattie Y. These two ladies are working on their gold in climbing.

In kitchen, the ladies baked and ate some delicious blueberry and chocolate chip muffins. Speaking for myself, they were quite yummy! Outside of the kitchen, the knitting class was relaxing with good company and knitting headbands. Not far from the Patio, the volleyball class was learning how to spike and scrimmaging. On Macky’s Green, the soccer class was playing World Cup and the girls were working on bars. Close by, the backpacking class was on the high ropes course. In DIY craft class, the campers were continuing to work on their giant arrow jewelry hangers. Moms, a heads up, these make great mom gifts. In riding class, the riders were practicing small jumps. Nearby, Lake Doris was in full swing with classes like kayaking, canoeing, diving, and swimming. The climbing class climbed in the Mike and on the traverse wall today. For the beloved puppy camp, the ladies were taking the puppies on walks on Spencer’s Green and teaching them commands like stay, sit, and lay down. Talk about photogenic puppies and campers! Up on Senior Hill, the guitar class were strumming along to songs like “Scientist” by Coldplay and “I Want You Back” by Jackson 5. In drama class, the girls were learning how to mime and how to be put in an invisible box. Valuable life skill? In fitness class, the campers jogged around camp.

Addition to the busy activities, we were proud of the many girls that earned a lot of bars today. In tennis class, Hastings W. and Elizabeth W. earned their bronze, and Mary Elizabeth G. earned her silver. In climbing class, Mary Elizabeth G. earned her bronze and Chloe M. earned her silver. In guitar class, Claire D., Maddy M., Heather C., and Anne Sutton W. earned their bronze. Additionally, Rush L. earned her silver. In gymnastics class, Morgan S. and Savannah L. both earned their gold. In volleyball class, Caroline K., Ava D., and Gabriela N. earned their bronze. Mattie G. earned her silver.

During lunch, the girls were served meatball subs and chocolate chip cookies for dessert, a very popular meal. After being stuffed from lunch, Adam announced that the girls from Stardust and above were invited to the Rockmount Dance. Tucker Inn was filled with screams and hollers! After the excitement sizzled down, the girls were given a strategic shower schedule and went off to rest hour. The afternoon consisted of showering and preparing for the dance, as well as, continuing with afternoon activities. As for now, the campers are at dinner eating tacos and talking about the dance. It has been a great day for Camp Merri-mac and will be an even wonderful night spent with the gentlemen of Camp Rockmount.


Can’t thank you enough for letting us make memories with your daughters!



Ying Lin

Moonmist Counselor