Today was full of tribal spirit! The girls woke this morning, put on their tribal attire, and went down to breakfast in anticipation of the coming day. Tribefest had finally arrived. Each girl awaited a day full of friendly competition, in the hopes of winning points for their tribe. The girls met at tribe meetings after chapel to get decked out in tribal wear, red and gray for Choctaw, black and white for Iroquois, and blue and gold for Seminole. The girls also made posters to hold up at the swim meet, while their fellow tribe mates swam. The girls were super excited as Patti-O and Mary Becker led them down to the lake to let the swim meet begin!

Swimfest made a splash with several heats of freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke, with girls competing from the junior, intermediate, and senior cabins.  After strong efforts from all three tribes, Choctaw came out on top with the win. The Iroquois won spirit points for the swim meet, after a morning of great tribal spirit, cheering, and dress.

After swimming, the girls participated in Tribal Trash Pickup, where they searched camp for trash to be collected by their tribal leaders. The girls love this game because while striving to earn points for their tribe, they also get to make camp even more beautiful. After a valiant effort of gathering trash, the Choctaw earned the win!

After a delicious lunch of Greek chicken and chips, the girls played sock war in the afternoon. Eleanor P., Elizabeth W., and Caroline C. acquired the flag for Iroquois, winning the whole game and earning those precious points for the Iroquois tribe. It was an Iroquois sweep, with the black and white tribe winning spirit points for the second time today! We introduced a new competition to camp this summer: hiding a small arrowhead somewhere around camp and giving the chiefs clues on where to find it. The Seminoles, led by Elizabeth C., found the arrowhead under the Tweedle bridge, giving the tribe a victory for the day!

For dinner, we enjoyed a meal of sweet and sour pork, eggrolls, rice, and edamame. This filled the girls appetite and gave them more strength for the coming competition, later in the night. Then, the silence ban was turned on and the girls headed up to the teepee for the white feather ceremony. In junior camp, the girls earning the Tumbleweed promotion were Kathryn C., Cameron F., Cate L., Jayne Beth M., Ashley P., Avarie A., Lindsey B., Spencer C., Alexandra D., Camille L., Grace M., Amelia., Tallulah S., Julia D., Addie F., Bennett P., Molly T., Reese Z., Caroline F., Mary Jane L., and Davies S. The girls that earned Groundhog were Abby S., Lindsay J., Kate H., Abby F., Addie F., Martha O., and Nataleigh P. The girls who earned Badger were Eliza Dunn T. and Lindsay J. In intermediate camp, girls who earned Arrow were Ella Lee C., Ryan H., Lattie M., Kelsey W., Caroline K., Everly H., Norah M., Fernanda G., Ava W., and Molly K. The girls who earned Crazy Creek were Paola I., Ava D., Riley E., Copeland R., and Mary Elizabeth G. In senior camp, the girls who earned Running Deer were Julia B., Kate B., Sarah Katherine E., Corrina G., Holly H., Brigitte N., Marianna S., Sarah T., Margaret Anne W., CoCo Z., Kate F., Kathleen O., Joelle S., Ellie P., and Caitlin M. The girls who earned Red Tail were Eleanor P., Savanna S., Margaret V., Caroline W., Vivian G., and Anne Sutton W. The girls who earned Junior Feather were Morgan G., Alex V., and Marquesa C. Finally, earning the highest rank at camp, Amelia G., Maddie M., and Gracie T. earned their White Feather necklace. This is a huge honor here at camp and we are very proud of all of the girls promoted tonight.

Following our White Feather ceremony, the girls are going up to the Mike for the final tribal event of the day, battleball. May the best tribe bring home the victory! What an exciting day of tribal competition and spirit! The girls will go to sleep easily tonight after a full day of tribal fun and competition.




Madison Mirandi

Dreams End Counselor

Proud Iroquois