Merri-Mac woke to a beautiful and cool morning on this lovely day. All the girls happily rose out of bed, excited to see what adventure today at camp would bring. Their positive attitudes could not be dampened as they went about their chores, leaving cabins everywhere spotless and ready for cabin inspection. After much hair braiding and some tether ball games, we all headed down the hill to the Tucker Inn for breakfast.

After singing a short prayer and grace, Merri-Mac dug in to a delicious meal of French toast sticks, bacon, oatmeal, yogurt, cereal, fruit, and milk and orange juice. After everyone’s tummies were full, the Sunnysiders led camp in the silly morning songs. Today we sang “I Won’t Grow Up” modified from Peter Pan, “Propel Your Craft,” a spinoff from “Row Row Row Your Boat,” and “Cannibal King,” which surprisingly has nothing to do with cannibals, but rather is his love story with a maid.

Right after breakfast, some girls left on trips for the day. Kayaking took a trip out on the Nantahala with Aynsley R., Eleanor P., Elizabeth W., Gracie T., Elizabeth C., Andie K., and Katherine M. Girls left for morning waterskiing on Lake James including Ivy C., Hannah P., Hastings W., Kate S., Caroline P., and Jayne Beth M. The afternoon waterskiing trip would include Molley K., Gretchen N., Riley P., Katherine P., Kate T., and Abigail B. Still missing from our numbers were the girls on the two night backpacking trip including Taylor T., Sarah T., Marquesa C., Emily J., Celia S., and Maddie N.

Next, the girls walked past the magnificent Lake Doris to the chapel for morning worship. Margaret P. led all of camp in the songs on her guitar in order to work for her gold in guitar class. We sang “Let My Light Shine Bright,” “How Great Thou Art,” and “As The Deer,” ending with the Camp Hymn. Adam spoke about how we require God’s grace, which he gives us through Christ, and how God will always provide for us and give us what it takes to be the best that we can. He read Romans 3:23, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Psalm 127:2, Lamentations 3:23, and 1 Corinthians 10:13. After chapel, everyone left for their Choctaw, Seminoles, and Iroquois tribe meetings in order to prepare for the all day tribal event tomorrow called Tribefest.

After some free time, everybody scattered across camp to go to their first activities. On our lovely Lake Doris, the kayakers played water polo, the canoers practiced strokes, and the divers worked on bars. Ava W. earned her bronze in diving! In the Mike, the gymnastics girls worked on floor skills in rotating stations and also beam skills. Some practiced floor routines to perform in Fine Arts night tonight. Up the trail, riflery worked on shooting and PAWS puppy class walked and taught sitting and staying. Riding did a trail ride around camp. Up on Senior Hill, guitar and dance both practiced for Fine Arts night and learned new songs and dances. In guitar, Bailey S., Kat G., and Corrina G. all earned their bronze bar! Drama rehearsed skits. In archery, Abigail B. and Ryan H. both hit bull’s eyes! During fourth period, a gentle rain began to fall. Climbing stayed dry in the grotto and practiced bouldering skills. Knitting made headbands on the Patti-O around a fire. Cooking today made quesadillas with queso and salsa. I can say first hand that it was the best queso ever. Pottery worked on pinch pots and ocarinas.

After second period ended, we headed down the hill to the Tucker Inn for lunch. We ate scrumptious pizza and fruit salad along with a sandwich bar and salad bar. For dessert we had M&M cookies. Yum! During the meal, our very own CIT Lucy W. was made to stand up and sing an original song. After eating, the Sunnysiders led us in tribal cheers. Today was tribal switch day! Each tribe sang other tribe cheers. However, even though the Iroquois tried to commandeer it, “Choctaw Tribe Dominates” rings true only for the red and gray. After lunch, we hiked up the hill to our cozy bunks for a half-hour of much needed rest time. When the bugle rang, everyone rushed down the hill to the Trading Post for candy and soda. Tetherball tournaments ran in full swing. Soon, the bugle rang for third period to begin. Camp craft learned how to set up tarps with taut lines and bowline knots. Volleyball worked on passing and serving. Swimming practiced their strokes, getting ready for the Swimfest swim meet in Tribefest tomorrow. Emergency Water Safety practiced stride jumps. Fencing worked on footwork and fenced some matches. Tennis practiced serves and cross court returns. Basketball worked on layups and free throws. In chorus class, the girls rehearsed for Fine Arts night and also sang in Merri-Mac Idol. Lacrosse practiced throwing and catching and then played a scrimmage. Soccer practiced shooting and played dribbling games. After fourth period, everyone headed up to to their cabins to dress into the theme for Fine Arts night, Classy or Tacky.

We all came down to dinner dressed in our finest, ready for a night of performance. We ate a delightful meal of chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, green beans, and salad with a yummy dessert of lemon bars. After clearing our tables, we sang cabin songs. Then, everybody walked up to the Mike for a wonderful display of camp talent. Performing tonight were Natalie and Riley P. playing violin, Rush L. and Sofie S. singing and playing guitar, Olivia Faith D. singing a solo for her silver in chorus, Leah G. performing a gymnastics floor routine, Margaret P., Vivian G., and Caroline M. playing guitar and singing, a duet of “Yellow” by Coldplay performed by Corrina G. and Deborah Z., and a Sunnyside dance. How gifted these campers are! Many were brought to tears by the beautiful voices and performances.

Then, campers left to their cabins to prepare for cabin activities. Rainbow camped out at the shelter. Dreams End played an intense game of laser tag. Moonmist and Sunspot both roasted s’mores over crackling campfires. Rainbow played games in the Lodge. Big Dipper, Stardust, and Little Dipper all raided the Trading Post at various hours of the night. All before taps, of course! Comet planned a cabin activity in the Tucker Inn.

The girls headed back to their cabins to get ready for bed. The night ended with a quick devotion to end the night on the uplifting thought of God’s grace through Jesus. As taps rang, all was quiet on the hill except for the cicadas and a few counselors serenading their cabins to sleep. It seems that the fun never ends at Merri-Mac. From reville until taps, the day is filled with adventure, friends, and joy.


Sydney Blume


Climbing Counselor

Proud Choctaw

Go ‘Neers