If you’re a parent searching Christian summer camps for your daughter, there is a highly acclaimed Christian Overnight Summer Camp near Virginia called Camp Merri-Mac worth looking into. Camp Merri-Mac is a Christian Overnight Summer Camp close to Virginia that’s committed to ensure your camper has a summer filled with fun, new friends and self-improvement. When a girl sees her own growth as an archer, or an artist, or a climber, or a gymnast, she begins to look for growth in other areas. Our summer camp near Virginia is designed for campers to experience personal growth through a wide range of activities and programs. We place a premium on quality instruction. It’s more fun to do something well and to learn a skill in an instruction based setting. We love seeing our girls grow.

Call us to learn more at (828)-669-8766. See for yourself what makes Camp Merri-Mac girls summer camp a great choice for your Virginia daughter.