Camp Timberlake is the Boys Christian Camp choice of more and more Florida families.  This is due to the lack of available camps in Florida, but also due to the experience Camp Timberlake has in accepting out of state campers.  Your son will be met at the airport by Timberlake staff dressed in Timberlake uniforms to easily be identified and then take a short shuttle to the camp grounds.  Campers will be supervised both to and from the airport, making camper safety not an issue to worry about as well as making your camper feel safe and welcomed upon arrival.  This makes traveling from Florida to our boys Christian camp just another fun part of the adventure and not an issue.

Once at camp, Camp Timberlake boys will have an exciting and fun summer with a positive Christ centered atmosphere. Your son will experience tremendous personal growth through exciting activities and the freedom to try and accomplish new things. Our staff focuses on high quality, safe, instruction in a variety of activities including wrestling, art, archery and climbing.  Schedule a tour today or call us at (828) 669-8766.