Camp Merri-Mac girls summer arts camp is for campers ages 6-16, and not far if you live in Virginia. Our girls arts camp near Virginia has a program that’s designed to uncover artistic talents and establish a love for the arts.

Merri-Mac’s arts program near Virginia is where your daughter will learn to feel comfortable in expressing her thoughts and feelings, creating art or in drama, in front of a group. Our drama program’s emphasis is placed on comedy, improv, and comedy games.

Your daughter will keep busy while sharing the summer with friends that she’ll never forget. Aside from the arts our girls partake in a wide range of activities throughout the day. After a summer at Camp Merri-Mac near Virginia, your daughter will want to come back!

Visit our website or contact us at (828) 669 8766 or to learn more about how your daughter can benefit from our girls art camp.