If your daughter doesn’t spend much time outside, here are some very good reasons you should encourage her to, and even more reasons why girls need summer camp.

Kids Are Happier if they spend time outdoors. Studies have found that kids who play and explore outside are less stressed. Being outside helps a child to slow down to a natural pace. A child isn’t necessarily waiting for anything to happen outside. They’re able to notice other things besides the next text message, or to see if anyone responded to a post. They can
take a break from the glowing screen. And when they do, there is a huge world out there. Outside, your daughter can discover herself as she decides what to do, what to pursue
and what to look at. Outdoor experiences will provide her with new options and challenges.

Kids Are Healthier when they spend time outside where they have no choice but to be active whether it’s just walking around or doing something fun like hiking or playing. 30 minutes a day of activity can make a huge difference
to your daughter’s health and help her to build a strong immune system. Time outside can help to relieve pent up anxieties. Introducing your daughter to fun outdoor activities is a positive thing that can become a good habit with your help and influence. At Camp Merri-Mac summer camp in North Carolina, our counselors are trained to encourage girls to enjoy the outdoors, and it’s the perfect opportunity for your daughter to enjoy being outside with new friends.

Sharing time outdoors with friends and family can help to strengthen your daughter’s self esteem and give her a chance to comfortably interact with a group of people to build her social skills. Practicing outdoor activities can help her gain a sense of accomplishment while she learns or enhances her outdoor skills.

Kids Learn to Focus. Since nature is pretty amazing in all it’s intricicies, patterns and interwoven parts, being outside is where your daughter’s sense of wonder can expand as she takes the time to notice her surroundings. There is
no substitute for what nature can contribute to a child’s development and learning.

It’s Fun and Easy. Just step outside, and over time, being outdoors can develop into more interesting choices like field trips, sports training or other possibilities. Being outside can help build bonds with family and friends. There’s really nothing else quite like it.

Here at Camp Merri-Mac, we believe that we were given a
wonderful world and we have a lot of fun living in it.  Camp Merri-Mac in North Carolina is a safe and comfortable sleep away summer camp for girls, that is encouraging, challenging and rewarding.  Contact us at 828-669-8766.