Have you ever wondered what to do with those pins you get at the end of the summer? Not sure what those pins mean? Look no further! Keep reading below to learn all about our pins and pennants at camp. 

At the end of each session, campers leave with a packet from camp. In this packet, there is a gold circle pin; this pin signifies another year at camp! There may be a few additional pins in the packet as well. For example, if you earn a bronze bar in volleyball, you will have a volleyball pin in your packet. As you get a silver or gold bar in volleyball in the future, you will get a silver or gold bar to add to your pennant!

For many of the activities at camp, there is a set curriculum for bronze, silver and gold bars. Our girls can start as beginners and progress through advanced levels in the activity. These accomplishments are recognized through the awarding of the bronze, silver and gold bars. During our White Feather ceremonies each week, campers are recognized for reaching the next level in an activity. Each move forward (better known as a mark) is recorded and goes towards each campers White Feather ranking. This is one of the many ways to earn marks in our White Feather system in which we aim to recognize every type of girl for their strengths and accomplishments. 

Below is a list of all the different pins (and their meanings) at camp: 

  • Archery bronze bar in archery
  • Fire bronze bar in backpacking
  • Basketball bronze bar in basketball
  • Canoe bronze bar in canoeing
  • Carabiner  bronze bar in climbing
  • Ballet shoes bronze bar in dance
  • Diver bronze bar in diving
  • Drama  bronze bar in drama
  • Fencing  bronze bar in fencing
  • Guitar  bronze bar in guitar 
  • Gymnast  bronze bar in gymnastics
  • Kayak bronze bar in kayaking
  • Lacrosse stick bronze bar in lacrosse
  • Track shoe  bronze bar in Merri-Move
  • Mountain Bike  bronze bar in mountain biking
  • Horse bronze bar in horseback riding
  • Rifle and Target bronze bar in riflery
  • Soccer ball bronze bar in soccer
  • Swimming bronze bar in swimming
  • Tennis  bronze bar in tennis
  • Volleyball  bronze bar in volleyball
  • Silver Bar  earned silver bar
  • Gold Bar earned gold bar 
  • Circle Pin one year at camp  
  • Silver CC with arrows— earned a counselor commendation
  • Gold CC with Arrows— earned a camper commendation
  • Wreath + Fire — completed an elective 


Merri-Mac girls have been displaying pennants since the beginning of camp! While pennants can be used as decorations in any room, they are also a great conversation topics. Our dining hall is filled with pennants from different colleges. Each pennant represents a counselor who has worked at camp and attended the college. For our campers, the Merri-Mac pennant is a great way to display all of their pins and achievements throughout their time at camp. 

If you don’t already have a Merri-Mac pennant, you can order one through our online store. They’d make the perfect stocking stuffer! While you can order online at any point throughout the year, we have a few new items added to our Merri-Christmas Collection through December 13th!


Happy camping,

Andrea Pelham
Associate Director