A day in the life of a Merri-Mac camper is way more than just fun and games. Here at camp, we like to be adventurous and grow with one another through trying new things. Today as I walked around camp, I couldn’t help but be excited for the campers as they were in their activities. With the massive amount of choices to explore, there is no such thing as boredom at camp!

For girls that wanted to constantly be on their feet, tennis or soccer was perfect for them. As I was walking past the tennis courts and Mackey’s Green, campers both young and old were enjoying their time with some good old team sports. 11-year-old Annafrench S. was working on her fabulous tennis skills with another camper, and loved every minute of it. For others, activities like knitting or cooking were more enjoyable as they got to grow relationships with one another while still doing something they loved! For all the adventurers out there, climbing or kayaking was perfect. Camper, Emmy M., was working towards her silver bar in diving, and she even got her gold bar in gymnastics today! No matter how challenging the activity seemed to be, campers got to experience new things that ultimately helped them discover new strengths about themselves.

Aside from activity periods, campers always look forward to going to the infamous Trading Post! Who doesn’t love getting candy while hanging out with all your best friends? I noticed how many girls chose to play tetherball with chocolate bars in hand, talk about a great combination of multitasking.

The competition between the three Merri-Mac tribes continued to heat up as we played “Great Escape” for our evening activity. Choctaw, Iroquois, and Seminole girls were on the run, searching for clues from various counselors spread throughout campgrounds. The game not only provided some healthy competition and time for tribes to bond with one another, but it also gave campers a chance to win spirit points for their tribe in hopes to win the Banner!

From pottery to playing with puppies to mealtime at Tucker Inn, the campers at Merri-Mac always have a smile on their faces. Even with the scorching summer heat, there is absolutely nothing that can stop these girls from shining. A summer at camp is definitely a summer to never forget!

Counselor Joanna