The first complete day of Camp Merri-Mac was full of tradition, activity and excitement. The morning began with cleaning of cabins and getting ready for the day. Campers received their schedules at breakfast as they covered their plates with French toast and bacon. At chapel the girls sang one of their favorite songs, “Pharaoh, Pharaoh” and Director Adam told the story of Saul. And just like that, everyone was on their way to their first activity. Camp was alive with giggles and singing once again.
Campers enjoyed going to class at Lake Doris where diving, kayaking, canoeing and swimming is held. But, the thing that campers love most about Lake Doris is the blob, although it’s not for those afraid of heights. Campers signed up for gymnastics enjoyed jumping on the trampoline and those in drama adored their improv story game. When asked what their favorite part of the day was, campers replied with all sorts of activities. Choctaw Chief Hunter S, said that she was able to do one and a half flips in her diving class today. MA B, said she loved the tacos in a bag at lunch today and Ellie F, said she enjoyed chapel.
At lunch Merri-Mac had a special visit from Chief Running Deer who told the campers about the sacred hatchet that was buried somewhere in the camp. She told them that whoever finds it, it will be their tribe that wins the banner this summer. After many minutes of searching, Allie M, of the Iroquois tribe yelled, “I found it,” as she raised the hatchet high. Her tribe erupted in war chant and song as everyone ran back to their cabin for rest hour.
After rest hour, campers sprinted to the Trading Post for a snack with their cabin. AG H, said that this was her favorite part of the day. While campers snacked on candy there were murmurs of which tribe was to win the evening activity that night. After dinner, the girls painted their faces for the Apache race, the event of the night. The Apache race took place all over camp as girls relayed from one place to another performing different tasks that they were most skilled at. The night ended in a Choctaw victory that left the campers even more excited for the next day and what it held.

Hannah C