What a day to be a Camp Merri-Mac camper. The bugle woke the girls to get them started with their morning routines. As some girls swept others took out the trash or cleaned the bathroom, but all attempted to reach the highest score of cleanliness for their cabin. Once wide awake and ready to leave, the girls piled into Tucker Inn for the amazing biscuit breakfast consisting of biscuits, eggs, gravy, and hash-browns. Immediately after, one of the camp counselors, Davy Boone, recounted the power of God’s shelter in chapel. The girls were dismissed for tribe council where they had tryouts for the evening activity which was a volleyball tournament. Then by 10:30 the daily activities began. During fitness, Ansley B. learned the tranquility that comes with yoga and in kayaking, Elise D. was reminded of how to do a wet exit in her kayak. Then the girls returned for lunch. We sat down to eat chicken sandwiches with French fries and mac and cheese. But the meal did not finish without a frenzy of campers fighting for the all to famous smores pockets. During rest hour the cabins voted for commendations for white feather and then rapped up the hour with the trading post. The 3rd and 4th periods started soon where Alex S. took the first basketball class for Merri-Mac this year and Audrey D. learned how to canoe. Fourth period rapped up early so the girls could be ready for the camp photos. We posed for the pictures behind the Big House. After changing into their tribal wear, the girls gathered to eat spaghetti and vegetables. The evening activity commenced in the Mike and Macky’s green. In the Mike, the older girls in Seminole, Iroquois, and Choctaw, played volleyball, while the younger girls played Nucom in Macky’s green. The night was rapped up with cabin devotions and post activities.

Micah B