It’s been a great day here at camp Merri-Mac. We woke up to the sweet aroma of waffles cooking in the dining hall. We added blueberries and syrup, yum yum. In puppy camp, Motley got a bath from the girls and they could not get enough of her. Bath time never seemed more fun! Up at the upper climbing tower, Ashlyn K. was on her way to becoming a professional belayer.

Down the hill at riflery, Ellie B. learned how to shoot a rifle from the prone position. For lunch we had a camper favorite- STROMBOLI! The campers’ bellies were full, which made for a peaceful rest hour. During third period guitar filled camp with beautiful chords, provided in part by Isabeau C. Knitting was very relaxing as always. Aislinn F., made some really impressive progress on her headband.

Dinner was delicious with chargrilled chicken and cornbread. Then we finished off the evening with a vicious game of sock war!


Counselor Tayrn