It’s been a Merri day indeed! The fog lifted from the mountains as the bugle rang Reveille early this morning, and faces yawned and greeted the new day. After chores, done well in pursuit of the delicious cabin cakes awarded to the cleanest cabins, biscuits, eggs, and bacon filled hungry bellies. Chapel today was especially lovely. Our new chapel, located in the same place as before, is an incredible space in which to worship, and all the Merri-Mac girls’ voices rang out among the surrounding mountains. Milky Way counselor Lauren B. spoke on God’s forgiveness, reading from Romans 3:23. She told a story about a haircut gone wrong and related it to God’s unfailing Love. Tonight each cabin will recall the message and expand upon it in devotions.

The sun shone brightly as everyone headed to their morning activities. Some girls got to head to Lake James for some water-skiing! Molly G., Cassandra G., Marlo R., Avery S., Julia D., and Courtney W. embarked on that adventure this morning. In gymnastics, intermediate camp girls learned floor basics as the music from the dock drifted up to the Mike. On the dock, canoeing classes practiced switching positions in the boats, and kayakers practiced their hip snaps, which are vital for rolls and other classic kayaking skills that will come in handy on trips to nearby rivers and rapids!

In keeping with the theme of classic summer camp skills, Millie W. and other backpackers learned how to pack a backpack correctly today. Hannah G. hit a bullseye in archery! In fencing, Lauren G. and Gabby H. learned how to perry. Merri-Mac does these traditional camp activities exceptionally well, and I love the mix of these with newer, but equally popular, activities, such as pottery, fitness, and knitting.

Lunch was welcomed with open hands, as everyone gobbled down Greek pitas, fries, and sugar cookies in preparation for a busy rest of the day. It was announced that the Seminoles won last night’s evening activity of “Base Jumping,” and that tonight’s evening activity would be a huge ice cream party on Macky’s Green! What a welcome respite from the intense tribal competition!

Another water skiing trip went out this afternoon as well, with the following girls: Ellie H., Christine T., Swayze W., Nicole R., Megan R., and Aislinn F. Hopefully they got to snack on what cooking classes fixed today—delicious mac and cheese and pigs in a blanket! I especially liked stopping by there today to do some taste tests. In pottery, Elizabeth A. and her friends made pinch and coil pots in preparation for getting their bronze bars. Guitar glasses learned the chords to play Vance Joy’s “Riptide.” Imogen D. got her bronze bar in guitar today!

An afternoon rainstorm fell over camp, but that didn’t stop classes in Lake Doris from having a blast! There were spontaneous dance parties in the rain. In chorus classes, Sophia H. and Julia Grace K. got their bronze bars, and Sang-Mi L. got her silver bar! These bars will be awarded with marks that go towards White Feather promotions. These promotions reflect investment in camp and character as demonstrated in cabins and are a beautiful celebration of the gifts your daughters and granddaughters bring to camp!

The entire list of achievements received at White Feather Ceremony were as follows:

Bronze Bars: Alex H, Sang Mi L, Emmy M, Hannah G, Mary Raines A, Margaret D, Kayleigh G, Sophia H, Hannah K, Annalise M, Kathryn N, and Avery S.

Silver Bars: Lizzie R

Camper Commendations: Laine M, Lauren R, Auden B, Madeleine D, Zoe W, Bridget E, Molly G, Madiosn J, Courtney W, Marlo R, Eve Q, Hallie B, Ruthann S, Molly M, Lizzie R, Cameron P, Cate F, Ali Q, Bridget H, Mary M, Kate S, Avery S, Maggie G, Caroline B, Emma H, Carly L, Grace V, Ava T, Prentice A, Courtney H, Isabel E, Eleanor D, Stewart Anne M, Clara S, Caroline R, Hannah K, Betsy J, Molly R, Sang Mi L, Alexis B, Lucie F, Hannah G, Juliana R, Morgan B, Mairin M, Emily R, Chloe J, Madeline H, Anna B, and Grace E.

Counselor Commendations: Meredith W, Julia Von D, Zoe W, Amelia W, Katherine D, Taylor S, Ashley M, Isabella G, Merrill S, Leighton E, Lucy L, Enley M, Lizzie R, Eleanor E, Madeleine H, Ali Q, Margaret D, Bridget H, Mary M, Annafrench S, Annalise M, Emma J, Grace V, Maddy D, Casey C, Isabel E, Eleanor D, Claire E, Molly R, Sami E, Alex V, Millie M, Audrey S, Maggie O, Hannah G, Bree P, Ashlynn K, Juliana R, Chapel D, and Ansley B.

Tumbleweed: Avery S, Ashley M, Elli B, Brooke B, Hannah E, Frances H, Kathryn M, Cora W, Charley B, Caroline H, McKenna N, Julia Van D, Auden B, Madeleine D, Lauren R, Lainey M, Kendall W, Grace A, Chloe B, Emersen J, Amelia W, Lillian F, and Isabella G.

Groundhog: Meredith W, Zoe W, Molly G, Katherine D, McKenna N, Courtney W, and Margaret J.

Badger: Carson C and Marlo R.

Arrow: Mary Raines A, Sophia C, Kayleigh G, Eleanor E, Madeleine H, Kathryn N, Caroline D, Madeline D, Imogen D, Karly K, Carly L, Emily M, Ava T, Lauren M, Betsy B, Emmy M, Kate S, Ali Q, Bridget H, MAry Russell M, and Annafrench S.

Crazy Creek: Lizze R, Prentice A, and Emily B.

Running Deer: Martha Elizabeth W, Isabeau C, Isabel E, Stewart Anne M, Katherine Faye N, and Sophie M.

Red Tail: Maggie O, Sherrill B, Olivia K, Allison F, Morgan P, and Julia P.

Junior Feather: Anna B and Rachel D.

I can hear the joyful noise echoing from Macky’s Green as I write this and am so happy to spend these weeks with your girls. Thank you for sharing them with us, for they show incredible humility, love, and grace to all of us staff in every interaction.


From this haven,

Maddy Mallory

Intermediate Cabin Area Director

Guitar Instructor

Proud Seminole

University of Virginia, Class of 2017