As reveille went off at 7 am, many girls hopped out of their bed, while others slowly crawled out from the warmth under their covers. The sun shined through the cabin windows as the campers scrambled to get their chores done before breakfast. Girls ran down the hill to the Tucker Inn to be delighted by a meal of breakfast pizza and sausage. The dining hall was filled with smiles and laughter as we all stood up and sang “Boom Boom Ain’t it Great to be Crazy” and “Hambone,” two camp classics.

Afterwards we all made our way to the chapel. The words of “The Banana Song” and “Isaiah 43” echoed throughout camp. We then got to hear another “true story” from Adam. He talked about a time when his basement flooded with sewage, yet everything above it in the house seemed to be working perfectly fine. That was compared to the fact that even though as humans we are broken, we try to do everything we can to cover that up. His message left all the girls thinking as they headed up the hill to get ready for their first activity.

The sun began to grow hotter as girls heard the first bugle and ran to their activity. In Backpacking today, the girls learned how to set up tarps and tie the knots necessary to support them. Every group of girls seemed to get the concept and the backpacking hut was surrounded by tarps everywhere you looked. Campers in cooking were seen chopping vegetables as they learned how to make scrambled and poached eggs, which were incredibly delicious. In guitar, girls learned many new songs such as Riptide, Wagon Wheel, and Light the Fire.

After our first two activities, campers headed back down the hill and were ecstatic when they found out it was chicken patty day. We feasted on chicken sandwiches and sweet potato fries, and a dessert of Italian ice. After lunch, the clothing room was opened and girls sprinted to be the first in line to buy some new merri-wear. With clothing in hand, everyone headed to their cabins for the most peaceful time of the day, rest hour. After 30 minutes, you could see girls’ feet dangling over the beds as they prepared to run down the hill to get candy and soda at trading post. After an hour of laughter and tetherball, girls headed to their next set of activities.

Volleyball was working on many skills, including the typical bump, set and spike. In gymnastics, girls were flipping everywhere on the balance beam and tramp in order to prepare to test for their bronze bars. Girls in lake activities such as kayaking, swimming and canoeing could be seen smiling from ear to ear as they played in Doris on this beautiful day. Dinner tonight was served and the girls enjoyed pork, peas, and cheesy au gratin potatoes, with oreo banana pudding for dessert. Campers then sprinted outside to begin a game of America color wars, staff vs. campers. If the campers win, staff will do their chores in the morning, but if the staff wins, they get to sleep in for 30 extra minutes. As another successful day at camp winds down, cabins go off to do their own post evening activities, such as making s’mores, sleeping out or even free swim. Devo signals the end of the day, as girls climb into their beds, exhausted from the wonderful day they have just had. It’s been another merry day at Camp Merri-Mac


Jessica Goldman

Stardust Counselor

Choctaw Tribe Dominates