It was another amazing day here at Merri-Mac. The girls started off the day with a delicious breakfast of French Toast sticks and bacon. After running up to Chapel and singing songs such as “Pharaoh, Pharaoh”, they heard a message about how God is more than their mistakes. Allie G., our new assistant director, gave the message and the key verse was from Colossians chapter 3.

The morning activity started off with a splash as the girls in PAWS taught the puppies how to swim. Sahara N. from Sunspot had a great time with this activity. In Cooking today the young ladies learned how to scramble and poach eggs, along with a variety of muffins, Mia P.seemed to enjoy this very much. In DIY crafts the girls learned how to stitch, while Pottery was working of pinch pots and mugs.

With the afternoon came the mountain rain, but that didn’t stop the Merri-Mac girls. Despite the rain the girls in Kayaking learned how to roll and flip. Backpacking combated the rain by learning how to set up tarps and the proper knots to keep them up. Climbing kept it fresh by having the girls climb the “Over-Hang” inside the Mike. After the day’s activities were over the young ladies donned their “Sunday Whites” for the camp picture. Once the picture was taken they were off for a wonderful dinner of Chinese food and laughter. Now they are all getting in the tribe gear for tonight’s evening activity BASE JUMPING!

God bless,

Caroline D.