Campers awoke this morning to bright rays of sun

They cleaned and got ready for their last full day of fun

Chapel took place at the glorious Lake Doris

Where campers followed along to Sunnyside’s chorus

Their Sound of Music was So Long, Farewell

As they bid adieu to the place they loved to dwell

After Sunnyside chapel campers began to pack

While counting the days until they would be back


In activities today camper’s reached new heights

From the blob and the slide to the high ropes course

Campers were brave, doing what once caused them freights

Some even did high jumps while straddling a horse

Grayson W said the high ropes were scary at first

She was nervous, but shocked by how much she enjoyed it

When it comes to heights, the anticipation is always the worst

“The blob was fun” they all admit, glad they did not quit


At lunch, the Tucker Inn was filled with commotion

From pizza and tribe fest to campfire songs of departure

Campers chanted and sang, their voices filled with emotion

Who will win the banner? No one knows yet for sure!

Campers went bananas in their afternoon classes

In cooking they whipped up banana nutella bread

It was delicious and satisfied the masses

Meanwhile in DIY campers worked with thread

They put final touches on bracelets and stitch work

“My cross stich has my initials” Lucie C said


At the final campfire cabins shared what they would remember

They would not forget their friends and cabin nights come September

Campers rejoiced in their friends’ white feather promotions

New White Feathers, Isabella B and Rachel D, were filled with emotion


Campers sang around the lake as they put candles to float

Though some goodbye tears were shed, it ended on a happy note

As they sang “we will all be together again”

For, this is goodnight and not goodbye! Amen.


White Feather Awards:

Electives: Catherine C, Emma Lee F, Katherine M, Nora C, Anna J, Gia V, Sarah English C, Elizabeth J, Reilly W, Jocelyn L, Rachel D, and Kylie F.

Counselor Commendations: Rachael B, Tevi  M, Oletakate M, Caroline M, Claire F, Copelan R, Stephanie S, Elena Cristiani S, Kate H, Andie R, Uma Z, Mimi M, Knowlton W, Sophie T, Hayley F, Claire R, Mimi L, Lily T, Ann Carolyn B, Janie Cm Jordan W, Katie B, Lucy D, Camille D, Gabby W, Ainsley I, Mackenzie S, Rachel E, Fernanda A, Alice M, Mary Katherine F, Victoria M, Gabby G, Meghan S, Morgan S, Keely W, Caroline A, Faith L, Allie F, Anna W, Emma Lee F, Maddie M, Austin D, Mary Elizabeth S, Phoebe F, and Kylie F.

Camper Commendations: Eva S, Caroline M, Grace R, Grayson W, Copelan R, Reese Z, Mary Martin S, Emma M, Abby S, Ava R, Mimi M, Ferrell Wilson Knowlton W, Hayley F, Helen M, Lucy D, Taylor E, Anna F, Tory S, Taylor E, Millie S, Camille D, Avery O, Kimberly C, Annie V, Ella M, Molly K, Kelly T, Victoria M, Grace C, Sarah G, Gabby B, Natalie C, Ella L, Gia V, Caroline A, Caroline S, Lucie C, Abby L, Dana B,  Austyn D, Ellie H, Camryn L and Mary Catherine C.

Tumbleweed: Margaret B, Elizabeth L, Caroline M, Adeline P, Anna Claire S, Grace S, Mclaine D, Scarlett M, Marjorie M, Mary Martin S,  and Eva S.

Groundhog: Mimi M, Copelan R, Tevi M, and Georgia W.

Badger: Claire F, Ella Grace W, Grayson W, Reese Z, Stephanie S, Knowlton W, Ferrell W, and Louise V.

Arrow: Reilly B, Camille D, Ellie H, Abby L, Avery O, Mary Elizabeth S, Austyn D, Anna F, Camryn L, Helen M, Mackenzie S, Uma Z, Madison K, Elana C, Ainsley I, Sarah J, Lily T, and Georgia D.

Crazy Creek: Millie S, Sarah S, Nellie R, Grace C, Grace H, and Bella H.

Long Bow: Kimberly C, Lucy D, Ella M, and Tory S.

Running Deer: Nora C, Anna J, Jocelyn L, Victoria M, Sarah G, Molly K, and Ali F.

Red Tail: Natalie C and Kylie F.

Junior Feather: Ava F.

White Feather: Isabella B and Rachel D.


Counselor Jodie