It’s been another merry day at Camp Merri-Mac! The weather was still a bit overcast from all of the rain yesterday, but that didn’t stop us one bit! After a wonderful chapel service with a message from Adam, we were ready to tackle the day. Paws let the girls take the puppies for a walk, while the girls in Riding rode the horses all over camp. Out of the cooking room wafted the most lovely smell of broccoli Alfredo sauce as the girls hovered laboriously over the stovetop. Parents can only hope that their girls will bring this new skill home! Today was the last day for girls to earn bars before the last White Feather ceremony, and there were plenty of girls who did just that. At lunch and dinner both, gold bars were announced in Swimming, Chorus, and Volleyball, just to name a few! These girls work so hard, and we love rewarding their achievements. Emma Lee F. earned her bronze in guitar, and ran the Tomahawk trail five times with Cici C. to earn marks for White Feather also.

After rest time, the girls all raced down for sweets from Trading Post. Fig bars have become wildly popular among campers for reasons unknown to counselors. Also in the Trading Post was a stash of Cheerwine for the staff, as a reward for winning America Color Wars a few nights ago. Counselors celebrated the victory not only for the Cheerwine, but also because if we had lost, we were to do the camper’s morning chores. Afternoon activities were accompanied by some welcome sunshine. Since it was the last day in swimming, they decided to have a free swim time, which of course meant goofing off on the diving boards! Volleyball was all smiles, with a few bumps, sets, and spikes thrown in there as well. After an Asian style dinner of orange chicken, we played Gold Rush, in which campers are encouraged to come up with intricate stories proving why they need the gold more than the bandits (the counselors). All in all, it’s been a wonderful, from the crack of dawn until the setting of the sun in the west. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and it’s true. Words simply cannot express the joyful times we encountered here today, but the pictures do a much better job!

Counselor Taryn